Let The Adventure Begin – Jennifer & Chris’ Maui Wedding

With the greatest adventure of all waiting just around the corner, this moment was just for them. As Jennifer made her down the coastline at Maluaka Beach, Chris stood waiting patiently. They were both ready to get their Maui Wedding underway so they could begin the rest of their lives. Wanting to share the stunning scenery with their loves ones back, it was really important to them that we capture the location in all its glory. Having both been to Oahu, this was Chris’ fist time on our fair island so we were pleased to see him thoroughly impressed by the natural beauty. Of course, mostly he was looking at his stunning bride but we still like to think he enjoyed the setting as well. We just couldn’t get enough of this adorable Long Beach pair, they were so funny with one another. He likes to golf, she likes to drive the cart. He likes to surf, she likes to nap on the beach. They really are made for each other. We have no doubt that happy days lay ahead for these two. We are so gratefu

Better Together…Always – Beth & Jake’s Maui Beach Wedding Photography

As a Jack Johnson song rolled off the instrument of their live musician, Beth and her father made their way down the pristine shore to a waiting Jake. Having known each other since college, this day was years in the making. With a heartfelt ceremony, the Long Beach natives promised forever and found themselves newly proclaimed as husband and wife. After the tears of joy were dried, and smiles captured to cherish forever, they said goodbye to the gorgeous setting that Ironwoods Beach had provided. Heading in to Lahaina Town, they dined on phenomenal fare at Gerard’s and laughed the night away with their parents and siblings. Then, it was off to Kauai where a honeymoon awaited. Beth and Jake, we absolutely adored getting to know you both and we were honored to have been a part of your Maui Beach Wedding Photography. Thank you for letting our team capture this moment! We wish you all the best!!! Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coordinator: Simple Maui WeddingMaui We

Workout Wedding – Courtney & Harry’s Maui Elopement

For New Yorkers Courtney and Harry, they had no idea that their local Cross Fit gym would be the place their love story began. After hiring her to be his personal trainer, it quickly became clear that they could be so much more. As time passed, and their love grew, it came time for them to embark on a new adventure together. One that begins with a Maui Beach Elopement to remember. Leaving their beloved pooch behind for a few days, they enjoyed a ceremony laden with Hawaiian elements, in addition to those from the Jewish faith. In a fun twist, they even had visitors from furry friends that totally made up for their baby not being there. It was an incredible night full of laughter and smiles and we are so honored we got to be a part of it. Thank you, Courtney and Harry!Congratulations, Best Wishes, and Warm Aloha!!!

Like A Dream – Natalia & John’s Maui Wedding

We had the absolute pleasure of meeting Natalia and John on the day they became husband and wife. Originally from Ukraine, this stunning bride now resides in Texas with her handsome groom. They enjoyed a gorgeous evening perfect for the Maui Wedding they dreamed of. With soft light and romantic colors, it was like something out of a fairytale. Their intimate ceremony was a wonderful moment that will live in their hearts forever. Afterwards, we had so much exploring the lush landscapes and interesting architecture of the famed Four Seasons property.

When You Least Expect – Heather & Dan’s Maui Wedding

Once they decided that online dating wasn’t for them, Heather and Dan found each other…online. Once that connection was made, the conversation flowed so effortlessly that they, before even meeting for their first date, were already madly in love with one another. That brings us to a gorgeous pastel Maui Wedding that would begin their new adventure. After a Christmas engagement in Monterrey Bay, their paths were headed this way. With six kids between the two of them, this ceremony was a bonding of two families in to one. With words and tears from the heart, they expressed their promises for the future and sealed the deal with a kiss. This bride and groom, and their family, was so darling and we couldn’t be happier for them. Thank you, Heather and Dan, for letting our team capture the magic of the evening. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coordination:

A Dream Of Their Own – Suna & Robert’s Maui Wedding

It was like a beautiful dream. The colors were soft, the setting pristine, the atmosphere perfection. Most importantly though, the bride and groom were bursting with joy as they prepared to marry the love of their life. New Yorkers Suna and Robert wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for a moment of peace, and a little romance, under the Hawaiian sun. They got their wish. With an intimate gathering of loved ones on hand to witness, Suna met Robert under the bamboo arch to begin the ceremony that would start their new life together. There wasn’t a dry eye on the grassy knoll as the beautiful ceremony concluded, leaving a newly happily married couple in its wake. We had so much with these two goofballs for their Maui Wedding Photography because they had the best attitude. With a fun spirit, and funny shots in mind, Suna and Robert were a riot on the beach during their couple’s portraits. Thank you both! What a pleasure meeting you and getting to be a part of your magical

Everything You Need – Kait & Andrew’s Maui Wedding Photography

As Andrew’s brother led he and Kait through the ceremony that would make them husband and wife, one thing was incredibly obvious – these two are head over heels in love with one another. It was Kait’s first time to the island and she rapidly felt at home, and fell in love with it, but nothing compares to the obvious emotion and connection she feels towards her handsome groom. For her something borrowed, our beautiful bride’s bracelet was on loan from her now mother-in-law. Something old? A gorgeous golden pendant from Andrew’s grandmother. With her new dress and touches of blue, she was prepared for the moment she became Andrew’s wife. After a personal, and heartfelt ceremony, it became official, much to the delight of the family watching on. To show their thanks for the never ending love and support, our lovely newlyweds presented Andrew’s mom, dad, and brother with special gifts. It was a beautiful day, through and through, with some of the nicest people you will ever meet in the wo