Love Found In L.A. – Kayla & Matthew’s Maui Wedding Photography

Though both hail from Ohio, Kayla and Matthew actually met while both volunteering in L.A.. He, having had six female roommates at the time, started hanging out with Kayla and spending more and more time with her as friends. Of course, once their friends got involved, their friendship took a different turn. With Kayla’s friend planting the seed that Matt was in love with her, and Matt’s friend planting the seed that she was in love with him, they finally went on an official date and the rest was history. Now residing in Washington, they decided upon a Maui wedding because it was the best way to get their families together, especially around the holidays. A stunning South Maui ceremony was an excellent excuse for everyone to make the trip, but the love and happiness on display was the real reason they gathered at the Kukahiko Estate. With a Gannons reception to finish out the evening, it was an amazing celebration from start to finish. We were so honored to be chosen as the Maui Weddin

Danielle & Nathan’s Romantic Oahu Wedding

Soft morning light cascaded upon the shore as Danielle and Nathan prepared for their Oahu Beach Wedding. With loved ones keeping them calm, they readied themselves for the moment they had been waiting for. Once fully adorned, they met in the back yard of the rented beach home to enjoy a private first look, a chance to connect with one another before the ceremony. It was an incredible moment that set the stage for the romance that would follow. While the sun slowly rose in the sky, the fabulous Georgia residents gathered on the sandy shore outside their beach house to take the next step. With pastel colors on display around them, the love and joy so clearly present danced in the wind with the chords from the ukulele. What a beautiful sight it was to behold, on not just because the bride and groom are stunning themselves. It was the obvious affection an adoration on their faces as they became husband and wife that we loved and connected with. Thank you, Danielle and Nathan, for allowing

Up, Up, & Away – Marissa & Paul’s Maui Venue Wedding

In their own private piece of perfection on the Southern shore, California couple Marissa and Paul created their own ‘Paradise Falls.’ With the beloved movie, Up, as their inspiration, they were so excited for romantic Maui Venue Wedding beside the sparkling sea. After meeting in fifth grade, their friendship blossomed over the years creating a foundation of love, compassion, and understanding. While on Oahu for a friend’s wedding five years ago, that friendship took a turn in new territory and they never looked back. With a constant stream of laughter, and shared devotion to their own interests and jobs, Marissa and Paul have a stunning future ahead of them. After a Pokemon Go proposal, and an ‘Up’ themed wedding, the sky is the limit for this adorable duo and we are so glad we got to meet them. Thank you, you two, for letting our team capture the joy so clearly written on your faces. We wish you a lifetime of happiness ahead. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coo

Another Half Of A Whole – Joisy & Abel’s Maui Wedding

There are few bonds stronger than that of sisters, but you add in the twin factor, and you get double the love. For Joisy and Abel, they were so excited to share their big moment with this gorgeous bride’s twin sister. It was day full of love, laughter, and promises. Celebrating the importance of marriage, and their values, the fabulous foursome stood before loved ones as they took this big step in their journeys together. Not a dry eye on the lawn that day tells the story of a group of people so proud, and so happy, as these two…well four really… begin the best adventure yet. After four years together, Joisy and Abel made promises to last and became husband and wife. We are so happy for you all and cannot thank you enough choosing Karma Hill Photography to capture your Maui Venue Wedding. Thank you!!! Best wishes on a blessed life together!!!

One Half Of A Whole – Joselyn & Jr.’s Maui Wedding

Wow! That word best describes everything about Joselyn and Jr.’s wedding. It was a spectacular evening shared by this beautiful bride’s twin sister. Yes, it was a double wedding! How cool is that!? The four newlyweds were like peas in a pod and could not have been any cuter, or funnier, together. Joselyn and Jr. were so blessed to have loved ones gathered from both sides of their family, traveling from Texas and New Mexico, sharing in the joy of their big moment. Dressed to the nines, this was a fabulous looking bunch, but most importantly, they were a supportive group. With tears of joy, they cheered for the newly minted Mr. and Mrs. Joselyn and Jr. Thank you so much for letting our team be your Maui Wedding Photographers to capture this incredible day for you. What a blast it was getting to spend time with all of these smiling faces. We wish you all the best in your journey ahead. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Photographer: Jenny of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Gann

Best Is Yet To Come – Melissa & Rodney’s Maui Beach Wedding

Having found their perfect match early in life, Melissa and Rodney were lucky enough to build a relationship upon the start they got in high school. Fifteen years later, we were lucky enough to have them enter our lives for their Maui Beach Wedding. After falling in love with one another, they fell in love with Hawaii, and always hoped they would return here for their big day. So, leaving Iowa behind for a few days, they set out seeking romance and joy and found both in spades. Encircled by stunning flowers, with the sea dancing beside them, this adorable duo