Sweet Southside Retreat – Sarah & Cody’s Maui Beach Wedding

Though they have a 300 person reception awaiting them on New Years Eve, Sarah and Cody’s Maui Beach Wedding was an intimate escape. With only their daughter and a few family members on hand, they relished the opportunity to just enjoy a private and simple moment in paradise. Following Rev. Joe’s lead, they exchanged vows that would find them united as partners, thus beginning the next chapter in their lives. The evening couldn’t have been more stunning as the fading sun cascaded down their faces. With a gentle breeze, and calm sea, they strolled hand in hand into the future they couldn’t wait to begin. We are so happy for this Indiana duo and we can’t thank them enough for letting our team capture this moment. Thank you, Sarah and Cody! Best wishes on a bright path forward.

Sweet & Simple – Katie & Bryson’s Maui Elopement

Wanting nothing more than an intimate ceremony in paradise, Katie and Bryson chose to ditch the Oregon cold for a Maui Elopement. They fell in love with one another, and then fell in love with the idea of a simple celebration that allowed them to show up, say ‘I Do,’ and carry on with their honeymoon. That’s exactly what they got. A picture perfect evening set beside the sea where their two hearts were able to shine and unite. It was a beautiful sight seeing these two stunning people promise their tomorrows to one another and take the first steps in to their new life. We couldn’t have been happier to have been on hand to witness their joy and be a part of this incredible evening. Thank you, Katie and Bryson, for letting our team capture the magic of your moment to remember. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coordination:

Sweet Retreat – Laura & Erik’s Maui Wedding Portraits

After six years together, Laura and Erik took the next step in to their futures and became husband and wife. In celebration of that milestone, they escaped to Maui for a little alone time and relaxation. With dinner at Mama’s Fish House and snorkel trips to Molokini, it’s a wonder if they’ll ever return home now! After traversing the difficulties of a long distance relationship when they met, there’s nothing this lovely honeymooning duo can’t handle. Debuting their special day attire on the beach to round out their collection of photos with Maui Wedding Portraits, they are now fully prepared to march ahead in to the adventure of a lifetime that awaits them. With beaming smiles and lots of laughs, they are no doubt ready and we can’t wait to see them back again on an anniversary trip one day. Thank you, Laura and Erik, for letting Karma Hill Photography capture this moment in your timeline. Best Wishes & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Photographer: Amber of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: P

Sweet Anticipation – Ester & Ross’ Maui Wedding Portrait

On the morning of their wedding day, we joined Ester and Ross at the stunning Polo Beach to capture some of the beautiful anticipation. Though their ceremony would take place later, as the sun set in the distance, in the early hours of the big day they were all ours. Wanting to capture the joy and magic that led up to their special moment, they enjoyed a Maui Wedding Portrait as the deep blue sea swayed beside them along the shore. As it was their first visit to our fair isle, they were mesmerized by the natural beauty around them, but nothing held their attention more than one another. Visibly enthralled with each other, we were so happy for this California couple as they prepared for ‘I Do.’ Thank you, Ester and Ross, for letting our team be a part of your big day. We wish you all the best.Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Photographer: Cheynice of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Polo BeachTime of Day: MorningCheck out Hailey & Jonathan’s Maui Wedding Portrait!

Sunset & Sweet Delights – Sarah & Jamie’s Maui Destination Wedding

With a picture perfect evening unfolding around them, Sarah and Jamie joined hands and hearts as their daughter and parents looked on with joy. Unbeknownst to the rest of their family and friends back home in Australia, they had decided to have a Maui Destination Wedding on the rolling lawn of the gorgeous Gannon’s property. It was a heartfelt ceremony led by the ever sweet Rev. Joe Miles. With the adorable Lilly bouncing back and forth between her parents and grandparents, there were nothing but smiles cast her way since she truly was a little gem. As the sun sank towards the horizon in the distance, we borrowed the beaming newlyweds for a few minutes alone to capture the romance and magic of the night. The island light put on a fabulous show, complete with a stellar sunset over the deep blue sea. We had so much fun with this incredible family and were so honored to capture the delight. Thank you, Sarah and Jamie, for letting our team share in your joy. We wish you all the best in th

Shade Trees & Sweet Somethings – Boram & Joshua’s Maui Wedding Photography

After a romantic ‘First Look,’ Boram and Joshua met beneath the shade trees of the Kukahiko Estate. With friends and family looking on, their Pastor led them through the ceremony that would be a turning point in their lives. No longer two hearts, they have become one. One life, one future. With a friend’s melodious tune floating from the flute, our love birds sealed their promise with a kiss and officially became husband and wife. Prior to beginning their Hawaiian honeymoon, which will continue into Canada, they celebrated their special night with a romantic dinner for two. Thank you, Boram and Joshua, for letting our team capture your Maui Wedding Photography. We wish you both all the happiness in the world and hope our paths cross again one day.

Stunning Skies & Sweet Hearts – Stephanie & Craig’s Maui Wedding Photography

With their daughter and her mom on hand to witness, Stephanie and Craig came together to become husband and wife on a beach in South Maui. Having traveled all over the world, this was their first trip to our fair isle and they were rewarded handsomely. The night they were bestowed with turned out to be stunning and will make their Maui Wedding Photography that much more precious. After making the trip from a small town in Canada, baby Avery was more than to experience the sand and surf, especially while all dressed up for her mom and dad’s big day. We had so much fun capturing this couple and we wish their beautiful family all the best. Thank you, Stephanie and Craig, for letting our team capture the magic and joy. Until we meet again, Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coordinator: