Rain & Sunshine, Delight & Joy – Carisa & John’s Maui Vow Renewal

With ten amazing years in the books, Carisa and John wanted to ring in their special anniversary with a Maui Vow Renewal. Almost as if fate wanted to bless their day, they ended up with a weather scene reminiscent of their original wedding day. Both special dates, then and now, provided rain that would clear up right before the ceremony. In the case of the present day, thunder and lightning danced on the horizon and surrounding mountains, but left these lovebirds dry as they re-affirmed their love for one another. It was a beautiful moment


Sunshine & Joy – The Hernandez Family’s Maui Portraits

With so much to be grateful for, these beautiful families made the trip from California to celebrate in style. As they all adore the Magic Isle, it was the perfect place to ring in a 10th anniversary and upcoming bundle of joy together. With little ones ready for some fun in the sun, and Baby Boy Santiago ready to make his debut in the coming months, this group had their hands and hearts full. They were granted a stunning morning for their Maui Family Portrait at Po’olenalena’s tantalizing shore. Dancing waves, swaying palms, and incredible colors all lent themselves as a picture perfect back drop for this awesome family. We had an amazing time hanging out with them, and we hope they love their photos as much we do. Thank you, Hernandez Family, for letting Karma Hill Photography capture the happiness. Happy Anniversary, Congratulations, & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Sasha of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Po’olenalena BeachTime of Day: MorningCheck out the Landers’ Maui Fa

Sunshine & Smiles – The Helms Family’s Maui Portraits

For the Helms Family, their time on island was a wonderful mix of things to do. Enjoying everything from camping to a sunset cruise, there was no shortage of laughter and incredible memories. Contributing to those moments to remember would be a special anniversary as well. What better way to celebrate a first wedding anniversary than with a trip to paradise. Not too shabby, Mandy and Tony! In an effort to commemorate the joy, and freeze this moment in time, they also enjoyed a Maui Family Portrait. It was a gorgeous bright blue day that will live forever in their minds, hearts, and in their photos. We had so much fun with the Helms Family! Thank you for letting our team into your lives during your vacation! Happy Anniversary and Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Sasha of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Southside BeachTime of Day: MorningCheck out the Kring Family’s Maui Portrait!

The Sunshine Within – The Kavuma’s Maui Family Portraits

Fun and laughter was shared by all as the sun slipped toward the horizon during the Kavuma’s portrait session. As their Maui Family Photographer, we had the privilege of capturing this trio of Texans while they frolicked along the shore. We even got Grandma, who had made the trip from Canada, on board for a gorgeous shot. What a pleasure this group was to spend time with. Their infectious smiles and brilliant sense of humor meant that there was never a dull moment. The brightest light of all comes from this beaming eight year old little girl with endless potential. That warm heart and kind spirit will take her far. We are so grateful the Kavuma Family chose our team to freeze this memory in time. Thank you!!! We hope to see you all back again soon! Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Chantelle of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Southside BeachTime of Day: SunsetCheck out our last Maui family portrait with the Johnson family!

Sunshine & Special Moments – The Louw’s Maui Family Portrait

Smiling from ear to ear, the two young Louw girls were having a blast at the beach. Representing both mainland coasts, these two bathing beach beauties traveled with mom and dad from New York while grandma and grandpa made the trip from Seattle. Meeting in Maui, they were so excited to bask in the warm sunny weather and, of course, enjoy a Maui Family Portrait. Blessed by a gorgeous Southside day, we had so much fun with the Louw Family. Their enthusiasm for the island, and the natural amenities, was refreshing and inspiring. Thank you, Louws, for choosing Karma Hill Photography to capture this wonderful family vacation. We hope to see you six back again soon!Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Kyra of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Southside BeachTime of Day: MorningCheck out the Luong’s Maui Family Portrait!

A ray of sunshine – Grace’s Maui Senior Portraits

Grace is the sweetest, smartest, most beautiful, kind and thoughtful senior ever. I am not just saying that because she is my cousin either!! Being the second oldest of 29 cousins on my dad’s side, I have gotten to watch many of my younger cousins grow up over the years. Grace has always been sweet but she is really coming in to her own and we are seeing glimpses of the self reliant adult she will become.