Simple Pleasures – Qing & Yucong’s Oahu Beach Wedding

Beside the lush Oahu scene, Qing and Yucong joined hands and futures to take the next step in their journey together. With warm smiles on their faces, and love in their hearts, they shared their Oahu Beach Wedding with a handful of loved ones. As the morning sun cascaded onto the sea, and with the sweet sounds of the ukulele dancing in the wind, they followed along with the language of love that would unite them as husband and wife. The Indiana winter back home could wait a little longer, this was their dream come true in paradise and they wanted to revel in the celebration. What an honor it was to share in the joy of this moment. Thank you, Qing and Yucong, for allowing our team the pleasure of being a part of your big day. Best Wishes, Congratulations, and Warm Aloha!!!Oahu Wedding Package & Coordination:

The Next Chapter – Veronica & Dean’s Simple Maui Wedding

With her two handsome sons escorting her, Veronica made her way to the ceremony site where Dean waited for their new future to begin. As Tom, their beloved friend, commenced with officiating the ceremony that would unite this adorable duo. After thirteen amazing years together, our friends from California declared their love for each other in front of those they hold dear. With a rainbow over head, and love bursting from their hearts, they were proclaimed Mr and Mrs to the cheers of delight

Sweet & Simple – Katie & Bryson’s Maui Elopement

Wanting nothing more than an intimate ceremony in paradise, Katie and Bryson chose to ditch the Oregon cold for a Maui Elopement. They fell in love with one another, and then fell in love with the idea of a simple celebration that allowed them to show up, say ‘I Do,’ and carry on with their honeymoon. That’s exactly what they got. A picture perfect evening set beside the sea where their two hearts were able to shine and unite. It was a beautiful sight seeing these two stunning people promise their tomorrows to one another and take the first steps in to their new life. We couldn’t have been happier to have been on hand to witness their joy and be a part of this incredible evening. Thank you, Katie and Bryson, for letting our team capture the magic of your moment to remember. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coordination:

Simple Moments, Exponential Love – Lisa & Eric’s Maui Wedding

After they met at the grocery store and started dating ten years ago, Lisa and Eric decided to quietly slip off into paradise and enjoy a Maui Elopement. With their loved ones spread all over the world, a simple and intimate moment was just the ticket. There would be time to celebrate with everyone else later but this, this was was just for them. With the waves dancing on the shore and the clouds swimming across the sky, they embarked on a new stage in their lives after saying ‘I Do.’ As the newly minted Mr. and Mrs., they have made official what their hearts already knew. Lisa and Eric were so darling with another, and so sweet to work with. We are so grateful they let our team capture their Maui Wedding Photography. Thank you, you two!!! We wish you both all the happiness in the world!!! Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coordination:

Keep It Simple – Erica & Arnolfo’s Maui Wedding

When your heart’s desire is for a simple, romantic wedding, Maui can be just the spot. The sweeping views, beautiful beaches, and swaying palms can set the scene for the memory of a lifetime. For one such couple, West Maui called their name. Erica and Arnolfo didn’t want to get caught up in extravagances they didn’t want or need. They just wanted to share a special moment with their three year old son, Mateo, and become husband and wife. And so they did. We had the absolute pleasure of capturing the Maui Wedding Photography for these cool customers from California. Not stressing about possible rain or things outside our control, they just rolled with the punches and were rewarded with a dry ceremony and lovely sunset. Sometimes things just work out the way they’re supposed to. We couldn’t be happier for this beautiful family as they start the next chapter in the story of their lives. Congratulations and Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coordination:

Simple Serenity – Courtney & Tyler’s Maui Wedding Photography

As the sun crept across the sky preparing to call it a night, Courtney and her father followed two little pretty flower girls towards a waiting groom. Tyler stood strong beneath the trees of the Kukahiko Estate, as friends and family looked on. In an emotional ceremony that left few dry eyes in the vicinity, this adorable Washington couple promised their never ending love to one another in an exquisite

Life’s Simple Joys – Viryna & Wesley’s Maui Couples Portraits

Despite their concerns that they may be camera shy, Arizona couple Viryna & Wesley blew us away during their Maui Couples Portraits. Not only were they naturals in front of the lens, they were hilarious! Any time a couple can relax and be silly, it makes for photo perfection. Taking advantage of a break before Viryna’s classes begin again, their Maui vacation was much needed and well deserved. As she continues on her journey towards becoming a Physician’s Assistant, she’s fortunate to have a strong, and funny, guy by her side. It’s easy to see that these two compliment each other so well. As their promise rings signify, this adorable couple has a bright future together. We are so happy to have met, and spent time with them. Wesley and Viryna, thank you for choosing Karma Hill Photography! We look forward to seeing you again one day! Warm Aloha!!!Maui Couples Photographer: Karma of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Southside BeachTime of Day: MorningCheck out our last Maui couples portra