Pastel Light In Paradise – The Pink Family’s Maui Portrait

Having never had professional family photos taken with all of them, the time was right for the Pink Family. Enjoying a little rest and relaxation while visiting from Washington State, this awesome group were excellent sports throughout their Maui Family Portrait. Of course, the birthdays being celebrated during the trip could have contributed to the festive air, but they were really fun, and funny. Treated to a gorgeous night, the soft pastel light and sunset were a sight to behold. Southside Beach was putting on a show as our friends from the Pacific Northwest caroused on the shore together. Thank you, Pink Family, for choosing the Karma Hill Photography team to capture your portraits and freeze this memory in time. Until we meet again, Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Amber of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Southside BeachTime of Day: SunsetCheck out the Chen Family’s Maui Portrait!

Pastel Painted Sky – Alicia & Tommy’s Maui Wedding

As the waves collided with the rugged coastline, Alicia and Tommy stood side by side in the ceremony that would change their lives forever. High school sweethearts, they have actually known one another since middle school so their’s is a love based on long time friendship and history. Given that, this Maui Wedding was years in the making. Along side their families, they united as husband and wife and promised a love that would last a lifetime. With the golden sun melting in the ocean, and pastel painted sky, the setting was a dream come true and an evening no one will ever forget. We are so honored to have been included in the magic and we can’t thank Alicia and Tommy enough for letting us capture it. Thank you!!! Congratulations, you two, and Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coordination:

Pastel Skies & DIY’s – Kyla & Rangeley’s Maui Elopement

Beside the dancing sea, Tennessee two-some Kyla and Rangeley joined hands and hearts. In search of a fun, romantic, and easy affair, they knew a Maui Elopement was just right for them. This gorgeous do-it-yourself bride handled her own hair, make-up, and even made the boutonniere and garter herself. Under the kind and hilarious guidance of Rev. Kimo, they promised forever and were declared husband and wife. They were blessed with a fabulous night to become newlyweds, as the sun sank towards the horizon, the sky was awash with beautiful pastel colors. A stunning display next to the turquoise ocean. We had so much fun with this darling pair as they couldn’t have been any sweeter with their Southern charm. Thank you, Kyla and Rangeley, for letting our team capture the joy of your day. Best Wishes & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Packages & Coordination:

Pastel Day, Stunning Night – Chelsea & Jay’s Maui Wedding

With the sun sinking towards the sea, Chelsea and Jay gathered on Ironwoods Beach to begin a new phase in their lives. With their eight year old daughter Taytum on hand to share in the joy, they followed along as Kahu Ernest led them towards ‘I Do.’ As Seattle natives that love hiking, skiing, and being on the water, they were in love with the amazing setting and natural beauty all around them. After three years of engagement, it was a night to remember and one they were so thrilled to share with their beloved little girl. The pastel day gave way to a stunning night sky that will forever be immortalized in their Maui Wedding Photography. We are so glad we were a part of this amazing evening with this terrific family. Thank you, Chelsea and Jay, for allowing us to capture the love and joy so clearly on display. You have a beautiful family full life, love, and laughter and we wish you all the best in the adventure ahead. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coordination

Pastel Paradise – The Norman’s Maui Family Portraits

We had the pleasure of meeting the Norman Family on a beautiful pastel morning beside Baby Beach’s calm waters. With kids ranging in age from two and a half to seven, this is such an incredible spot for our new friends from Santa Monica because the coral reef keeps this stretch of beach relatively protected. In a place where youngsters could be intimidated by the vast, restless sea, this nook on the West creates an atmosphere of serenity and peace. All the better for this energetic five-some as they enjoy their Maui Family Portrait. They were so sweet with one another and the kids seriously could not be any cuter. If those milk chocolate eyes were any bigger you might fall right in. If nothing else, you fall under their spell of beauty. We had such a good time with the Normans and we want to thank them for choosing Karma Hill Photography. We can’t wait to see you all back again soon!!! Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Ajja of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Baby BeachTime of Day

Plumeria & Pastel Light – Roxana & Jeffrey’s Maui Elopement

Standing along a Western facing shore, Roxana and Jeffrey joined hands and became husband and wife. Led by the incredible Rev. Joe, these Pacific Northwest residents enjoyed not only the custom ceremony created for them but also personal vows they wrote for one another. To add an element of surprise to their

Pastel Skies & Pretty Girls – The Van der Veen Family’s Maui Beach Portraits

On a stunning night in South Maui, with a sky that looked as though it had been painted for all to enjoy, the Van der Veens embraced their Maui Beach Portraits. Escaping the cold and reality back home in Alberta, this party of four got to relax and unwind among the sand, surf, and palms of our gorgeous island in the Pacific. As the pastel hues danced along the horizon, the Van der Veen Family was treated to a show put on by nature. Po’olenalena provided an excellent setting with a lovely back drop, pristine sand, and greey & trees to add a little extra interest. This family was so sweet with each other, and wonderful for us to work with. We are grateful they thought of Karma Hill Photography to capture this moment in time for them. We look forward to seeing this beautiful family back again soon. Warm Aloha!!!Maui Beach Photographer: Sasha of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Po’olenalena BeachTime of Day: SunsetCheck out our last Maui family portrait with the Mitchell Family!