Island Hopping Happiness – The Nguyen Family’s Maui Portrait

Hailing from Houston, the Nguyen Family was thrilled beyond words to be on island. With an ambitious travel itinerary, the fabulous five-some was hitting Oahu, Kauai, and Maui in six days and had the time of their lives. With this proud mom and dad having honeymooned on Kauai eleven years ago, they were so excited to share their anniversary back in the Aloha state with their awesome trio of children. At nine and six, respectively, the kids had endless amounts of energy as they played along the golden shore of Southside Beach during their Maui Family Portrait. We had such a blast with this troop and we’re so glad we could capture these moments to remember for the fun loving family. Thank you, Nguyen Family, for choosing Karma Hill Photography to be a part of your trip.

Maui Family Portraits with the Nguyen Family!

We had so much fun with the Nguyen family for their Maui family portraits last week! Staff photographer Cheynice met them a Southside beach to capture their pictures. Their two little ones were absolutely adorable and so loving to each other. We thought it was a great idea that mom brought a couple little toys for them to open up during the session. The surprise and joy that it brought to them was definitely a moment to document. They had some beautiful family shots as well as candids and then as the sun was just about to set Cheynice gathered them together again for some family sunset portraits. Mahalo Nguyen family for choosing Karma Hill Photography for your