Memories & Moments to Last a Lifetime ~ A Look Back on 2017

When you have the honor of being invited in to people’s lives to capture memorable moments, there’s no such thing as a “favorite” type of shoot. Families, couples, senior portraits, anniversaries, new babies. We love them all! Every moment is worth a thousand words, but that’s especially true when talking about someone’s wedding day. The excitement, the pure joy, the faith. So many emotions coalesce on a wedding day and, in reality, the only way to truly remember it forever is through your photography. Of course, moments will always stand out in your mind, but time has a way of fading the specifics. A frozen image of that time, however, can transport you back to that moment in an instant. Suddenly, it’s like it just happened yesterday. We love getting to be a part of that process and are humbled that clients choose our team to be a part of that moment they want to remember for all time. We wouldn’t get to do the work we adore if it weren’t for the amazing couples that have traveled fr

Candid Moments Of Gold – The Castrillo Family’s Maui Portraits

The candid moments of love and laughter that transpired with the Castrillo Family cannot be beat. Four year old Drake has more personality than one would think possible while his mom and her boyfriend watched on in wonder. What a character! With nary a dull moment, photographer Jenny was always at the ready to capture the moments of pure gold unfolding during their Maui Family Beach Portraits. In town for mom’s medical conference, the stunning trio was clearly all head over heels for one another and having a blast in the sun and surf. We especially loved seeing the playful and loving bond that Drake clearly enjoys with both his mom and Lance. Thank you, Castrillo Family, for letting Karma Hill Photography capture this magical moment in paradise for you three. We hope to welcome you all back again one day. Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Jenny of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Southside BeachTime of Day: SunsetCheck out our last Maui family portrait with the Wilk family!

Moments to Remember – The Wu Family’s Maui Beach Portraits

When you have two spirited youngsters, you want to freeze the moment in time to remember it always. For the Wu Family, that was how they felt about the island. The kids are growing up so fast and they wanted to capture the moment with Maui Family Beach Portraits so that the memory can live on and be cherished for years to come. We caught up with the California crew as they prepared to head home… literally. They left later that day! We are so glad the timing worked out so that we spend a few minutes with these vivacious kids and sweet parents. They were absolutely darling to work with! Graced with a stunning day, they were even granted a parting rainbow to send them on their way with Aloha. Thank you, Wu Family, for choosing Karma Hill Photography to capture this moment in your family’s story. Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Jenny of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Baby BeachTime of Day: MorningCheck out our last Maui family portrait with the Wood Family!

Precious Moments – The Chen Family’s Maui Portraits

Seeking to capture the magic and delight of child hood, the Chen Family met our team along the Kapalua coast for a Maui Family Portrait. Preferring the candid moments that transpire when loved ones relax and play together, our focus was to freeze these precious moments in time for this fun loving foursome. These adorable little girls were nothing short of angels as they played along the golden sand. Blessed with an excellent morning, the soft cloud cover offered a perfect filter for the sun’s bright beams allowing the Chens a comfortable experience. We absolutely enjoyed this family and can’t thank them enough for choosing Karma Hill Photography for their portraits. Thank you, Chen Family!!! Until next time, Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Kyra of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: DT Fleming BeachTime of Day: MorningCheck out the Cham and Gin Families’ Maui Family Portrait!

Pure Delight & Magic Moments – Emily & Viraj’s Maui Wedding

As Emily and Viraj walked hand in hand down the sandy shore, their newly declared titles of husband and wife washed over them like the waves upon the sand. This was the day they had been waiting for, the moment their new journey began. We had the distinct pleasure of being the Maui Wedding Photographers for this stunning pair at the incredible Sugar Beach Events. A phenomenal venue nestled on Ma’alaea Bay, it was a delight capturing the tremendous details of this gorgeous wedding day. From the ‘getting ready’ coverage in the venue’s private bridal suite and the lush landscape that provided a perfect setting, to the lovely details seen to with care by the ultimate in professionals, this day to remember had it all. The love, joy, beauty, entertainment. No detail was missed. Of course, it was all made that much better because it celebrated a couple that could not have been any sweeter. They deserved the best day imaginable and that’s what they got. Emily and Viraj, it was our honor to ca

Simple Moments, Exponential Love – Lisa & Eric’s Maui Wedding

After they met at the grocery store and started dating ten years ago, Lisa and Eric decided to quietly slip off into paradise and enjoy a Maui Elopement. With their loved ones spread all over the world, a simple and intimate moment was just the ticket. There would be time to celebrate with everyone else later but this, this was was just for them. With the waves dancing on the shore and the clouds swimming across the sky, they embarked on a new stage in their lives after saying ‘I Do.’ As the newly minted Mr. and Mrs., they have made official what their hearts already knew. Lisa and Eric were so darling with another, and so sweet to work with. We are so grateful they let our team capture their Maui Wedding Photography. Thank you, you two!!! We wish you both all the happiness in the world!!! Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coordination:

Shimmering Lights & Shining Moments – Twinkle & Travis’ Maui Wedding

When Twinkle and Travis said ‘I Do’, it was not only themselves they were thinking of. As the stunning California couple blend their families together, they combine hearts and futures in to one strong family unit. Twinkle noted that Travis’ care and devotion towards his children were one of the things that made her fall in love with him. Celebrating with a gorgeous Maui Destination Wedding, they were surrounded by loved ones as the sun worked its way towards the horizon. With attention paid to every detail, the whole evening was perfection from start to finish. After a heart melting ceremony, guests were treated to dinner by the sea. As the newlyweds danced beneath the stars and sparkling lights, their smiles grew brighter and brighter. Despite not usually caring for photos, Travis was a great sport about romantic couple’s shots as the sun slipped in to the sea, much to the delight of his beautiful bride. This truly was a spectacular day and we are so grateful to have been chosen to c