A Private Place For Two – Melissa & Bernard’s Maui Elopement

With a beaming smile on her face, Melissa said of Bernard that she falls in love with him more each day. An impressive statement given that they’ve been together for fifteen years. After ten years of asking when they would marry, their families had actually given up that the day would come. Yet, following their hearts, the time was right for their Maui Elopement so they left California behind for romance in paradise. Having fallen in love with Ironwoods Beach years ago, they were so excited to celebrate their love on the sand that holds a place in their hearts. Though the tide has dramatically narrowed the beach recently, they were treated to a completely private location which suited them just fine. With natural smiles and easy laughter, they are clearly a match made in heaven that we were so honored to capture the ceremony for. Thank you, Melissa and Bernard! We have no doubt that a happy and loving life lay ahead for you two. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Co

Best Is Yet To Come – Melissa & Rodney’s Maui Beach Wedding

Having found their perfect match early in life, Melissa and Rodney were lucky enough to build a relationship upon the start they got in high school. Fifteen years later, we were lucky enough to have them enter our lives for their Maui Beach Wedding. After falling in love with one another, they fell in love with Hawaii, and always hoped they would return here for their big day. So, leaving Iowa behind for a few days, they set out seeking romance and joy and found both in spades. Encircled by stunning flowers, with the sea dancing beside them, this adorable duo

Love & Lava – Melissa & Mike’s Maui Wedding Photography

After meeting online, and falling for one another, Melissa and Mike knew they were headed for something important. Then, with Disney’s short ‘Lava’ inspiring them, they decided upon a Maui Beach Wedding for this special day in their lives. Our two new friends from Texas were absolutely ecstatic as they joined an intimate gathering of loved ones on a gorgeous evening along the North shore. With the palms swaying in the distance, and the dreamy colors every where they looked, they exchanged their vows and promised forever. To round out a perfect evening, they ventured down Hana Highway to Mama’s Fish House for the celebratory dinner of all celebratory dinners. What a night, what a couple. We are so happy for them and grateful we were there to capture the joy. Thank you, Melissa and Mike. Best Wishes and Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coordination:

Zach & Melissa’s Maui Proposal!

Zach contacted us a while back and wanted us to be a part of his big Maui proposal plan! We were definitely excited to see all his planning come together. He had a gorgeous cabana reserved at the Grand Wailea and a private dinner with champagne. Staff photographer Cheynice hid out and captured their arrival in secret. As they sat down and toasted to what Melissa thought was just a really romantic 4th of July dinner Zach surprised Melissa with a turquoise Tiffany’s box. Inside that box was a gorgeous diamond ring and Zach asked Melissa to be his wife! It was so special and beautiful and of course she said YES! Mahalo Zach and Melissa for choosing us to document your Maui proposal! We hope you come to Maui to get married….. :)Maui Photographer: Cheynice of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Grand WaileaTime of Day: SunsetCheck out our last Maui proposal with Cameron & Macy!

Maui Senior Portraits – Meet Melissa!

So technically, Melissa is not a senior in high school, but she never got her senior portraits done while she was, so her mom decided that on their trip to Maui, she was going to get those senior portraits she missed out on! It was a good thing they waited because now she has the most epic backgrounds, that they could never have gotten back home! It was a perfect day for photos, not too windy, an empty beach and beautiful light! Melissa was a bit reluctant in the beginning of the session, but in the end, she was modeling like a pro! Thank you so much Melissa and mom for choosing me for your Maui Senior Portraits.