Pearls of Wisdom & Love – Kim & Greg’s Maui Anniversary Portrait

We had the pleasure of first meeting Kim and Greg when we captured their 25th wedding anniversary. Fast forward five years later and we were ecstatic to welcome the gorgeous duo back for their Maui Anniversary Portrait as they celebrate three decades of wedded bliss. Treated to a stunning morning at the famed Mama’s Fish House beach, we loved getting to hang out with this Illinois couple again. The love in their eyes is a fabulous sight to behold, especially after so many years together. Needing no encouragement, Kim and Greg were all smiles, sweet touches, and tender kisses. It was an absolute pleasure getting to capture this pure bliss, and we love seeing how their love has only grown over the years. Thank you, Kim and Greg, for letting Karma Hill Photography once again be a part of a special milestone. Happy Anniversary & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Anniversary Photographer: Karma of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Mama’s Fish House BeachTime of Day: MorningCheck out our last Maui couples po

Love Found In L.A. – Kayla & Matthew’s Maui Wedding Photography

Though both hail from Ohio, Kayla and Matthew actually met while both volunteering in L.A.. He, having had six female roommates at the time, started hanging out with Kayla and spending more and more time with her as friends. Of course, once their friends got involved, their friendship took a different turn. With Kayla’s friend planting the seed that Matt was in love with her, and Matt’s friend planting the seed that she was in love with him, they finally went on an official date and the rest was history. Now residing in Washington, they decided upon a Maui wedding because it was the best way to get their families together, especially around the holidays. A stunning South Maui ceremony was an excellent excuse for everyone to make the trip, but the love and happiness on display was the real reason they gathered at the Kukahiko Estate. With a Gannons reception to finish out the evening, it was an amazing celebration from start to finish. We were so honored to be chosen as the Maui Weddin

Love In Paradise – Monica & David’s Maui Beach Elopement

With son, Grayson, on hand to witness, Monica and David were so excited to escape the winter chill back home in Canada. For a blissful spell, they got to revel in the joy of saying ‘I Do’ beside the swaying sea that Monica loves so much. With soft clouds filtering the sun, they enjoyed a peaceful, intimate, and romantic Maui Beach Elopement, just as they had intended. A celebration with friends and family would wait till they got home. This was a moment for just the three of them. We are so glad we had the opportunity to be a part of the happiness and joy that this occasion brought. Thank you, Monica and David, for the letting the photography team from Karma Hill Photography be the ones to capture this celebration of love. Best wishes for your beautiful family.

Next Chapter, Never Ending Love – Tanis & Adam’s Maui Vow Renewal

Ten years to the day, standing in the same spot they stood a decade ago, Tanis and Adam renewed the vows they’ve held dear for so long. Joined by their parents and kids, this was an incredible moment filled with love, intimacy, and promises that can’t wait to continue. It was also a chance to right a wrong from years ago. In a terrible turn of events after their original wedding, their sunset wedding photos were lost, thus leaving no evidence of the magical night that brought them together as husband and wife. We were so happy this stunning Vancouver family got their second chance at a fabulous sunset on the Maui coast. With the sun sinking in the distance, they got to re-live the love and happiness from ten years ago…this time with the added bonus of three gorgeous children. Hearts full, future reaffirmed, Tanis and Adam take the steps forward into the adventures that await them in the next chapter. We are so honored to have been the Maui Vow Renewal Photographer for this fabulous

Local Love Connection – April & Giorgio’s Maui Wedding Photography

There was no safer wedding to be at than that of Maui residents April and Giorgio. Her job as a traveling nurse is actually what landed this stunning bride on Maui, an addition to the island we are grateful for. As an EMT, this dashing groom is quick thinking, and obviously intelligent since he was smart enough to marry April, and we are equally appreciative of his service to the local community. Though the majority of the island was being cast in rainy weather, the piece of paradise known as Paradise Landing at the Dragon Fruit Farm was blissfully dry for our lovely locals. The ear to ear smile on Giorgio’s face was a like a beacon as he laid eyes on his soon to be wife. And April? As someone not keen on having all eyes on her, she was a bundle of nerves until her soon to be husband came into focus. From there, Rev. Tino led them through the language of love that found them declaring their intentions and promising their tomorrows to one another. It was an incredible moment, steeped i

Love On The Coast – Dee & Alvin’s Maui Beach Wedding

Accompanied by the very friends that got them together, Dee and Alvin were so excited to enjoy their Maui Beach Wedding along the rugged Kapalua coast. As the sea tossed itself on the shore, the darling California couple joined hands, hearts, and futures to take the next step in to their new lives. Under the guidance of Rev. Kimo, they traversed the language of love that would leave them husband and wife in the end. It was a stunning evening that blessed our newlyweds with lovely light and incredible setting. We are so happy they got the wedding day they had been dreaming of. Thank you, Dee and Alvin, for letting our team capture this step in your journey. We wish you all the best in the years to come. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coordination:

Landscape of Love – Courtney & Blaine’s Maui Engagement Portrait

As the lush greenery of the jungle wrapped them in warmth, Courtney and Blaine celebrated the new adventure they’re preparing to take. After eight years and one child together, they have recently gotten engaged and could not be more ecstatic. Hailing from a small town in Canada, they enjoy spending most of their time outside so the Honolua landscape made them feel right at home during their Maui Engagement Portrait. Although they didn’t have the ATV’s they would usually be cruising around on, they had one another and that was all they needed in the end. As they explore Maui, Oahu, and the Big Island on this trip, there is no shortage of sights to see and memories to make. We are so grateful we got to be a part of that experience. Thank you, Courtney and Blaine, for choosing Karma Hill Photography to be a part of this special time in your life. Best wishes in the adventures ahead. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Engagement Photographer: Megan of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Hono