Decade’s Long Duo – Kristen & Soli’s Maui Beach Wedding

After ten amazing years as husband and wife, Kristen and Soli wanted nothing more than to celebrate this milestone in their relationship. So, with their two gorgeous kids in tow, they set out for our stunning island in the sea for a Maui Beach Wedding. Setting an excellent example for Lilia and Layton, this cool California couple is showing their kids that love can last, it can grow stronger with time. With a heartfelt, and humorous ceremony, these lovebirds re-affirmed the vows they have honored for the last decade. Having honeymooned here all those years ago, we are so glad they got to come and share the experience with the next generation. We are also glad we got to capture it! We loved working with this duo and we couldn’t be happier for them. Thank you, Kristen and Soli, for allowing our team to be a part of the joy of this momentous day with you.


A Magical Maui Sunset with the Long Family by Karma Hill

It was super cloudy when the Long family arrived at the beach and we weren’t sure we were going to get much of a sunset, but Maui had other plans for us! It turned out to be one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen! The whole sky looked like it was on fire, how lucky for the Long family to be able to have that in their portraits! It was so great getting to meet this adorable family, we had a great time enjoying natures spectacle together!