Continental Cuties – Keri & Dylan’s Maui Beach Wedding

Sweet love was thick in the air as our new friends from Australia, by way of Canada, joined us on the shore for their

Islands on the Horizon, Love in the Heart – Keri & Logan’s Maui Wedding Photography

As musician Jimi sang ‘…I can’t help falling in love…’, a stunning Keri made her way down the hill on her dad’s arm. Filled with heartfelt emotion, Logan stood waiting as his future wife came toward him. With the majestic view of some our neighboring islands, and the deep blue sea in the distance, this California couple joined together to commit to one shared life. An intimate gathering of friends and family were there to witness this life changing moment in in Keri and Logan’s life. Enjoying the lush landscapes of Gannon’s, followed by some alone time at the near by beach, these newlyweds have a well rounded collection of photos to celebrate their beautiful