Dynamic Mother & Daughter Duo – Julie & Katherine’s Portraits

Under a beautiful blue sky, a mother and daughter duo enjoyed a gorgeous morning on the beach. With Katherine growing up before her very eyes, mom Julie wanted to grab on to this moment and freeze it in time. Her baby girl will be heading in to her senior year of high school and, with few photos of the two of them, their trip here from Washington was the perfect opportunity to get a Maui Mother-Daughter Portrait taken. They were treated to a phenomenal day along our Southern shore. With calm waters, crisp colors, and lush landscapes, the setting was all anyone could ask for. We had so much fun with these two and are so grateful to have been included in their plans while here. Thank you, Julie and Katherine! Warm Aloha!!!Maui Portrait Photographer: Kyra of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Southside BeachTime of Day: Morning


Love & Family, First & Forever – Julie & Derek’s Maui Wedding Photography

As the soothing lyrics of ‘All of Me’ drifted on the breeze, Julie descended the hill to the love of her life waiting beneath the arch. With their adorable sons standing by, and future bundle of

Prayers & Promises – Julie & Max’s Maui Wedding Photography

With soft pink strokes on the horizon to match a beautiful blush bouquet, Julie and Max become united in holy matrimony. After traveling from Washington, this stunning couple enjoyed a breathtaking evening for their Wedding Photography. Their parents and relatives were able to witness the heart warming ceremony and, for that personal touch, were able to pray together to bless the couple. They drove from the West side of the island to take advantage of one our favorite beaches and then headed back to Ka’anapali for their wedding dinner. These newlyweds looked so classy, and so in love, and we are so happy for them. Julie and Max, thank you for letting us share in the start of your new adventure. Congratulations and Warm Aloha!!!Maui Beach Wedding Package: