Romance on the Shore – Laura & Jamie’s Maui Elopement

Seeking the ultimate in romance, Laura and Jamie enjoyed a completely private Maui Elopement along the golden sands of Southside Beach. With the gorgeous location providing the supreme setting most couples dream of, the natural beauty of the island was able to shine through and be captured as a forever memory. Focusing only on one another, Laura and Jamie didn’t have a care or worry in the world as they joined hands and futures during their ceremony. It was a breathtaking moment that found the super cute Colorado couple pronounced husband and wife before the end. We could not be happier for them, or more thankful they chose our team to capture this time in their lives. Thank you, Laura and Jamie, for thinking of Karma Hill photography. Best wishes for a beautiful life together. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coordination:

Sunset & Sweet Delights – Sarah & Jamie’s Maui Destination Wedding

With a picture perfect evening unfolding around them, Sarah and Jamie joined hands and hearts as their daughter and parents looked on with joy. Unbeknownst to the rest of their family and friends back home in Australia, they had decided to have a Maui Destination Wedding on the rolling lawn of the gorgeous Gannon’s property. It was a heartfelt ceremony led by the ever sweet Rev. Joe Miles. With the adorable Lilly bouncing back and forth between her parents and grandparents, there were nothing but smiles cast her way since she truly was a little gem. As the sun sank towards the horizon in the distance, we borrowed the beaming newlyweds for a few minutes alone to capture the romance and magic of the night. The island light put on a fabulous show, complete with a stellar sunset over the deep blue sea. We had so much fun with this incredible family and were so honored to capture the delight. Thank you, Sarah and Jamie, for letting our team share in your joy. We wish you all the best in th

Polaroids & Paradise – Jamie & Alexander’s Maui Destination Wedding

Refusing to let the heat beat them, Jamie and Alex just focused on what was important – their big day! With loved ones gathered around, including some that conveniently live in Hawaii, they began the ceremony that would change their lives forever. The rolling lawn of the Hotel Wailea provided a gorgeous spot for their Maui Destination Wedding as this California couple made promises of forever. Afterwards, while the beaming newlyweds enjoyed a romantic moment alone, the guests gave the polaroid guest book a whirl. Of course, the kids getting a hold of the instant camera might provide some lasting memories beyond the imagination. What a show that must be! We had so much fun these two, and their guests, and are so grateful we were included in the celebration. Congratulations and Warm Aloha, Jamie and Alex!!!

Jamie & Raymond’s Maui Beach Wedding Photography – by Karma Hill Photography

Jamie & Raymond chose Karma Hill Photography and Simple Maui Wedding for their Maui beach wedding last week! We specialize in just this…. happy couples that want to be married on beautiful beaches and have gorgeous pictures taken! Sounds pretty logical! They chose Polo Beach for their ceremony and Reverend Valentine Rosete married the lovely couple. The light was perfect this particular evening, not too cloudy but not too bright. After their ceremony and beach pictures they all went up to Mulligan’s on the Blue where they danced the night away. Thank you so much Jamie & Raymond for choosing us for your Maui beach wedding! We hope you had a blast!Maui Beach Wedding Photographer: Naomi of

The Oceanfront Estate Wedding of Jamie & Shane – by Karma Hill Photography

Photographing beautiful things is definitely our forte! Maui oceanfront estate weddings are definitely beautiful so what better way to spend our morning than to take pictures of it? Jamie & Shane chose Simple Maui Wedding to coordinate their very special event which means we here at Karma Hill Photography get to capture it! It’s a perfect plan! Jamie & Shane were married by Reverend Valentine Rosete who assisted the two in their own custom vows. It was actually the words from “Suit & Tie” from Justin Timberlake and added such a cute touch to the ceremony. They brought their sweet little dogs all the way from California so they could be a part of their wedding. After the ceremony staff photographer Naomi took the lovely couple out on the lava rocks for their portrait time. It was such a beautiful day and we were honored they chose Karma Hill Photography to be a part of it! Mahalo Jamie & Shane! We wish you two many years of love and happiness!Photographer: Karma of

Forever In Love – Jamie & Tiler – by Karma Hill Photography

Jamie & Tiler’s story is nothing short of beautiful! They met 8 long years ago when they were sophomores in high school. Never did they think that they’d find love at such a young age but they did and they truly are the best of friends. From the moment we met each of them their love for each other was very apparent. There’s nothing in the world they wouldn’t do for each other and we were so honored to be by their side on this very special day! We met Jamie & her bridesmaids at the Olowalu Plantation House where everyone was getting set up and ready for the evening. The caterers were there, the florist, the DJ, all the girls were getting ready in the house but outside was this young man with a smile from ear to ear. He was walking around with his hands in his pockets thanking everyone profusely for being there and prepping for his special day. Tiler is such a gentleman and his gorgeous lady was just as grateful! We took the lovely couple away from the crowd for their very first look at