Island Hopping Happiness – The Nguyen Family’s Maui Portrait

Hailing from Houston, the Nguyen Family was thrilled beyond words to be on island. With an ambitious travel itinerary, the fabulous five-some was hitting Oahu, Kauai, and Maui in six days and had the time of their lives. With this proud mom and dad having honeymooned on Kauai eleven years ago, they were so excited to share their anniversary back in the Aloha state with their awesome trio of children. At nine and six, respectively, the kids had endless amounts of energy as they played along the golden shore of Southside Beach during their Maui Family Portrait. We had such a blast with this troop and we’re so glad we could capture these moments to remember for the fun loving family. Thank you, Nguyen Family, for choosing Karma Hill Photography to be a part of your trip.

Continued Honeymoon Happiness – Janet & Daniel’s Maui Vow Renewal

Thinking they were getting family portraits taken, Janet was blown away to learn that her darling husband had a trick up his sleeve. In honor of their fifth wedding anniversary, Daniel had planned a surprise vow renewal at the famed Four Seasons for his stunning wife. With their family gathered around, they even exchanged the same vows they recited at their original wedding, thanks to Daniel studying the wedding video to get them right. It was a beautiful moment shared by some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. With romance floating in the air, and the sun shining brightly for all to enjoy, this fabulous family reveled in the spot that had once been their honeymoon location. Now, with this ceremony being added to the memory bank, Hawaii holds an even bigger place in their hearts now. Thank you, Janet and Daniel, for letting our team be your Maui Vow Renewal Photographer. What an honor it was to capture this sparkling moment of romance and love. Here’s to many more years to come!

Happiness Ahead – Camilla & Lasse’s Maui Elopement

On the cusp of building a beautiful family together, Denmark’s Camilla and Lasse took some time for themselves on our golden shores. Wanting to celebrate with a private Maui Elopement, they were all smiles and sheer joy as they joined hands and hearts and took the next steps in to their new life together. Blessed with a stunning evening, Southside Beach was like a dream unfolding around them. Soft, ethereal light. Lush landscape. Dancing sea. It was everything the Danish duo could ask for and we are so glad they got to enjoy it. Thank you, Camilla and Lasse, for letting our team capture the moment when your futures became one. It was so wonderful getting to meet you both and we wish you a lifetime of happiness as you welcome your little one. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coordination:

Honeymoon Happiness – Emily & Paul’s Maui Wedding Portraits

In town for their honeymoon, Emily and Paul were the picture of perfection as they posed on Polo Beach. It was impressive, really, given that they had spent the day on ‘The Road to Hana.’ Anyone that’s done that adventure can attest to the journey that the East side of the island provides. Yet, these two looked fresh-faced and incredible in the glowing light. Needing no prompting, they were so sweet with one another and obviously head over heels as they reveled in the new chapter in their lives. Graced by a stunning sunset, the evening could not have been any more amazing as tender moments and loving looks were exchanged before the camera for their Maui Wedding Portraits. Thank you, Emily and Paul, for letting our team capture the pure joy of this moment in your story. Congratulations on your marriage and best wishes for the adventure ahead. Warm Aloha!!!Maui Couple Photographer: Jenny of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Polo BeachTime of Day: SunsetCheck out our last Maui wedding port

Hula Pie Happiness – The Gillett Family’s Maui Portrait

Sometimes all you need is a little family time and Hula Pie. Though they love Kauai, this proud of set of grandparents from the Gillett Family love being with their kids and grand kids most of all. Speaking of the adorable duo of munchkins, they were a RIOT! With a fierce appreciation for local favorite, Hula Pie, the kids had a blast shouting it out before photos during their Maui Family Portrait session, as opposed to the traditional ‘cheese.’ With the sea calling his name, energetic Emmett wasted no time after the session before jumping straight into the water. It was an evening full of laughter and good memories for this fabulous California crew. As the sun set over the pretty Pacific waters, the Gillett Family bid adieu to another amazing day of their incredible vacation. We are so glad they got to enjoy this wonderful time together, and even happier that we were able to be a part of it. Thank you, Gilletts, for choosing Karma Hill Photography!!! Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photogra

Happiness By The Sea – Brianna & David’s Maui Beach Wedding

On a hot September night, Brianna and David, along with their son and loved ones, gathered on the stunning shore of Polo Beach. Having traveled from Illinois, they were so excited to celebrate the love of this adorable pair with a Maui Beach Wedding to remember. As the soft sounds of the ukulele drifted on the wind, they exchanged vows and made promises to last a lifetime. With his stunning bride’s vintage glamour and her dashing groom’s charming smile, they were a breath taking pair on display before the natural beauty of South Maui. The contrast of lava rock, sand, greenery, and sky is something to

Happiness Is Being Together – The Harrison Family’s Maui Portraits

You don’t always need a fancy reason to celebrate, sometimes being together is reason enough on its own. That’s the case for the Harrison Family. Though the proud grandparents of this troop travel to Maui every year, this trip was extra special because they got the whole gang on board. With an infant that loves to clap and that’s enthralled by the sand, plus two grandkids that love to swim and have smiles that light up the beach, their time on Maui was something to cherish. With that in mind, they decided to have a first ever Maui Family Portrait to help commemorate them all being together on this trip of a lifetime. We had so much fun with these gorgeous families and can’t thank them enough for letting the Karma Hill Photography team capture this moment in time. Thank you, Harrison Family!!! We hope, and we’re pretty sure the kids agree, that these whole family adventures here become an ongoing tradition and that we get to welcome you back again soon!