Next Generation, New Memories – The Plewis Family’s Maui Portrait

After 40 years of marriage, it seems only right to have a Maui Family Portrait to commemorate this momentous time for the Plewis Family. What makes this trip even more special, beyond the milestone wedding anniversary, is the fact that these gorgeous grandparents brought their kids here 25 years ago. With fond memories from that bygone trip, the kids are all grown up and are now sharing the experience with their spouses and children of their own. We had so much fun exploring the golden shore of Southside Beach on this stunning morning with this group. With natural smiles and darling kids, they were such a joy to work with. Thank you, Plewis Family, for choosing the Karma Hill Photography team to capture the happiness that comes from all those loved ones being together. Happy Anniversary and Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Sasha of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Southside BeachTime of Day: MorningCheck out the Yamamura’s Maui Family Portrait!


Fun For A New Generation – The Kalscheuer Family’s Maui Portraits

A trip to Maui is always something to celebrate, especially when it means showing it to a new generation. For their first time on island since Oliver joined the family, the Kalscheuers wanted to commemorate this special trip. The 14 month old cutie patootie was an absolute doll to photograph, from the top of his adorable head to the tips of his perfect toes. But it’s his soulful eyes that are the real show stopper. This whole crew from California was so much fun to capture, the smiles are just effortless. As they are regular visitors here, we hope we get to see these pearly whites again soon! Thank you, Kalscheuer Family, for letting our team be your