Gratitude Galore – The McGrath Family’s Maui Portraits

With no shortage of love, laughs, or reasons to celebrate, we had a blast with the McGrath Family. Between grandma and grandpa’s 40th wedding anniversary, dad’s 40th birthday, mom expecting baby number two, the sheer joy and delight was dancing in the breeze. Of course eight and a half month old Luke was a shining star as well. As the apple of his family’s eye, he was such a good sport while being passed from one loving family member to the next. Perfect practice for when he becomes a big brother and will need to go with the flow a bit. We had such a good time with these kind Mid-Westerners and are so pleased to have been the ones to capture their Maui Beach Portraits. Thank you so much, McGrath Family, for thinking of Karma Hill Photography. Wow, where do we begin…Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, and Warm Aloha!!! ;o)Maui Family Photographer: Kyra of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Baby BeachTime of Day: Morning


Mosmans Galore! – The Mosman Family Reunion Portraits

With no shortage of laughter to capture, we had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with the Mosman Family at DT Fleming Beach. As you can imagine, with this many people involved, this trip was a year in the making. Well worth it, though, as you can’t put a price on this kind of happiness. The pure joy and genuine appreciation for one another is something every family needs to take a moment and cherish. No one brings out the natural smiles better then your family! With this many people, especially with seven under seven, we had two of our fabulous Maui Portrait Photographers on hand to make sure we didn’t miss any of those perfect candid moments. We had such a blast with this group and we can’t wait to welcome them back again one day! Thank you, Mosman Family, for letting the Karma Hill Photography team capture the fun moments shared by all. Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographers: Chantelle & Kyra of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: DT Fleming BeachTime of Day: SunsetCheck out the Kals

Palm Trees Galore!!! – Sarah & Desmond’s Maui Couple’s Portraits

As the holidays draw near, the preparations have begun. For Sarah and Desmond, that means getting some Maui Couples Portraits taken for amazing holiday cards! When you’re lucky enough to live on Maui, you have beautiful settings all around so there’s no lack of options for location. With that said, these love birds had a spot in mind. The iconic Mama’s Fish House beach. We love this place!!! The dramatic display of palms, the authentic canoe, the peaceful water. This spot is terrific in the morning! Having an adorable local couple is always a treat too. This fun couple took the time to stop and appreciate the beauty of our island, and pose for a few photos, before resuming life and going back to the Andaz to work. Sarah and Desmond, we are so grateful you took that moment with us. It was a pleasure getting to work with you both and we’re ready for next time when you are!!! Warm Aloha!!!Maui Couple’s Portraits Photographer: Karma of Karma Hill PhotographerLocation: Mama’s Fish House Be