Active Aloha – The Krause Family’s Maui Portraits

We LOVE getting to hang out with cool local families! In this case, it was an awesome morning at Southside Beach that found our team capturing the coolest Krause Family around. Their dashing son, River, is an avid athlete and one of the sweetest young guys you’ll ever meet. Going to the same school as some of our team member’s kids, we loving running into this terrific trio. Of course, Karma also sees the confident Crossfit couple at class from time to time so we’re pretty sure that makes them part of our extended ohana. Dedicated to spending as much quality time together as possible, these three love rallying together to support River’s various sports teams…especially when dad is coaching! Thank you, Ryan, Willow, and River, for being such great models during your Maui Family Portrait. It was so wonderful spending the morning with you three and we look forward to seeing you around town!!! Happy Holidays and Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Tara of Karma Hill PhotographyLocati


Picture Perfect – The Graubard Family’s Maui Portraits

As every new parent can agree, the first professional photos you take with your new little one are so exciting…and can be a little daunting. You’re trying to work around the napping, eating, diaper changing, and crying schedule that you basically have little control over. But it’s so worth it!!! They grow up so fast and you want to capture the precious moments while you can because in the blink of an eye, they have blossomed into a new phase of their lives. For the Graubard Family, making the trip from California was the perfect time to get Maui Family Portraits and freeze this moment in time. Not only would they be perfect for their holiday cards but, when you have an eight month old, the days fly by at warped speed at times so you want to get the photos in while you can. This stunning trio was all smiles and giggles as the lovely young Maddie put on a perfect show.

Time Flies With Toddlers – The Panama Family’s Maui Beach Portraits

It was so wonderful to welcome back the Panama Family for another round of Maui Family Beach Portraits! The little ones have grown so much in the last year, it was an incredible sight to see. As Ina was just a wee infant last time we saw her, it was so cool to see the inquisitive and independent toddler she’s become. Diego is fantastic older brother with a big heart and the sweetest smile you’ll ever see. As one of the most darling families you’ll meet, we loved getting to hang out with the Panama crew. The ocean breeze served as a fabulous natural wind machine that made Jennifer’s hair look amazing! With two kids under three, we knew we would be hard pressed to get a lot of posed photographs so we let the kids just be themselves and captured some of the most beautiful candid shots of the two angels. Panama’s, we hope you love the images as much as we do. Thank you so much for choosing Karma Hill Photography again!!! It was great to see you back! Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer:

Winter Retreat – The Gateley Family’s Maui Family Portrait

Seeking refuge from the winter weather, the Gateley Family left the Vancouver cold behind and headed for the Hawaiian islands. Blessed with a stunning morning for their Maui Family Portrait, the terrific trio were all smiles as they played along the perfect shore. Twenty month old Pierce was ecstatic to be beside the sea. The ocean was calling his name! With the water teasing his toes, he was a beautiful bundle of joy and laughter as he swung between his mom and dad’s arms. With so much to celebrate in their lives, it’s no wonder they are smiles from ear to ear. Thank you, Gateley Family, for letting our team capture the happiness of family bonding in paradise. It was a pleasure meeting you three and we hope to see you back again one day! Until then, Happy Holidays and Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Chantelle of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Baby BeachTime of Day: MorningCheck out our last Maui family portrait with the Panama family!

Hanging Ten in Hawaii – The Robinson Family’s Maui Portraits

Leaving Ohio behind for some R & R in the Hawaiian islands, we caught up with the Robinsons for their Maui Family Portrait on the Kapalua coast. With mother nature keeping the sun under cover, the Mid-Westerners were granted a squint-free session in the absence of the blinding light. There was, however, really cool dramatic waves crashing on the rugged coast all around them. Though only five years old, this dazzling brother and sister duo were not intimidated in the least by the bustling sea. Having taken surf lessons while here, the whole group spent two straight days in the water, on their boards, hitting the waves. Fearless and adventurous – two words that definitely come to mind for this fabulous family, especially the two youngest that have no qualms about heading straight in to the amazing wonder that is the deep blue sea. As they headed to the Big Island next, we are so grateful they took the time to stop on the Magic Isle and enjoy a

An Anniversary & Adventures – The Leo Family’s Maui Family Portraits

Their twice a year visits to the Hawaiian islands haven’t done anything to lessen the fascination with this lovely land for the Leo Family. In fact, if anything, they fall in love with it more and more with each visit. After spending a wonderful Thanksgiving on Kauai, they hopped to our piece of paradise for a little continued island fun to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary. Though the sun was a bit elusive, this gorgeous group from Oregon wouldn’t let that rain on their parade. The beaming smiles, fun, and laughter were on full display as they played along the sea strewn shoreline. As the tides have carved out new paths along the coast, it’s like a playground in the eyes of these youngsters. We are so happy these beautiful and bonded siblings were able to relax and enjoy their

A Decade To Remember – The Crumrine Family’s Maui Portraits

There’s no better reason to make your first trip to Maui than for a tenth wedding anniversary! That was the exact thought for the fabulous Crumrine Family. Making the trip from Nebraska, they were so excited to share this incredible milestone with their three gorgeous kids. The youngsters were enthralled with the sand and surf and couldn’t get enough of the wonders this place holds. We were so happy to be on hand to capture their