Beaming Birthday Girl – The Jennings’ Maui Family Portraits

Eight is such a wondrous age, especially for a little girl. Energetic Emma was quite content to be celebrating her upcoming eighth birthday while the Jennings Family gathered in Hawaii with relatives. The enchanting sea and dramatic coastline provided endless hours of fascination for this lovely little lady. As a newborn photographer in San Francisco, mom, Sara is used to be behind the camera, not in front of it. Nevertheless, she was an outstanding model alongside her dashing husband and stunning daughter as they smiled for their Maui Family Portraits. Wanting to commemorate their time in paradise, she could think of no better way, and no better setting, than that of the lush landscapes of Southside Beach. We are so honored to have a fellow photographer choose our team to capture this special time for their family. Thank you, Jennings Family, for thinking of Karma Hill Photography. Happy Birthday, Emma! Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Sasha of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: S


Wedded Bliss & Birthday Cheer – Caroline & Richard’s Maui Wedding Portrait

What was initially meant to be a birthday celebration for Caroline and Richard turned in to so much more. As they knew they were going to be in paradise anyways, and with the support of their families, they decided to make it an elopement! After an intimate ceremony at the courthouse, we had the pleasure of meeting up with this adorable duo on the golden shores of Ironwoods Beach to capture their Maui Wedding Portrait. With stunning pastel light, and the dramatic coastline, they were treated to an amazing setting for their special photos. This was their first time on island and they now get to take away fabulous memories, and the portraits to help them remind them. Thank you, Caroline and Richard, it was an honor to capture this special time in your life. We had so much fun with you two and we can’t wait an anniversary/birthday trip in the future!!!

Birthday Songs and Big Laughs – The Sicat’s Maui Family Portrait

What better way to ring a birthday than with a beautiful beach vacation. We were so happy to meet up with the Sicat family while they were celebrating love, life, family togetherness, and Cheryl’s birthday. The good news is that we had a young man on hand that LOVES the birthday song so it is always a welcome serenade around Max. The only thing he loves more, I think, is when his dad is tossing him in the air. We had so much fun with this California crew and couldn’t be happier they chose us for their Maui Family Portrait. Not only are they the nicest people, but they were naturals at being natural! Ha! It’s so easy to get nervous and awkward when being photographed but the Sicat family were pros at just being themselves and ignoring the camera (when appropriate, of course). What a blast. A gorgeous spot like Baldwin Beach is always helpful too, as it reminds those in its presence that there’s a reason it has been named one of the top ten most beautiful beaches on more than one occasi

Birthday Wishes Along The Seashore – The Pen’s Maui Family Portraits

On a gorgeous Hawaiian morning, we had the honor of capturing the Pen’s Maui Family Portraits. This was a special trip for the California crew as they celebrated the two lovely ladies’ birthdays. Three and…”Twenty-Three”, respectively. There’s no better way to ring in the special days as the fun foursome frolicked along the sand and surf. Big brother Brady showed no fear as he waded in to the frothy sea while sister Avery giggled with delight, playing with the cool white sand. Southside Beach put on a great display as the endless ocean sparkled beneath the fluffy cotton ball clouds. What a treat! The Pen Family was such a joy to work with and we are so thankful they chose Karma Hill Photography. Happy Birthday, ladies!!! We hope to see you all back again one day!

Everett’s Birthday Beach Time – The Yung’s Maui Family Portrait

They start out as these tiny things of beauty that rely on you for everything. Then, before you know it, they start gaining their “independence.” They want down, they want to try, they want to explore. In the blink of an eye, your tiny baby turns one and the months of infancy become a beloved memory. We were so thrilled to meet with the Yung Family and capture their Maui Family Portrait while they visited from California. As it was Everett’s first birthday, it seemed only right to freeze this moment in time for reminiscing later. He was such a little character and when he smiles, your heart can’t help but swell. He’s so precious!!! Thank you, Yung Family, for choosing Karma Hill Photography to share in your family vacation. We look forward to welcoming you back down the road so we can see Everett learn and grow. Happy Birthday, buddy!!! Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Kyra of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Baby BeachTime of Day: Morning

The Houchens Family Portraits – Happy Birthday to Mom! by Maui Photographer Karma Hill

The Houchens Family is one tight knit group, they all live within a couple of blocks of each other back home in Colorado, with the exception of mom and dad who are lucky enough to reside on Maui part of the year! I can only imagine how awesome that would be as a kid living within walking distance of a bunch of cousins!! It was mom’s birthday and what better gift to her than a family portrait with the whole gang! They did a great job on their wardrobe choice, looking well coordinated but not matchy, something that is very hard to achieve with a large group. It was a very beautiful day on Southside beach, with some whispy cloud cover over the sun it made for cheery but not too bright portraits. I had the pleasure of working with a smaller group of this family a few years ago and it was great too see them again and how much the kids grew!!

Godavarty Family Maui Birthday Portrait – by Karma Hill Photography

The Godavarty family is celebrating a very special monument in their daughter’s life! This trip to Maui was to celebrate the 1 year birthday of their beautiful little girl! We were so honored that they asked us to photograph her at this special time. She was so adorable and happy! Just like all little ones she had her moments but when she smiled she made the whole beach smile! Her gorgeous big brown eyes makes the heart melt! Thank you so much Godavarty family for choosing Karma Hill Photography to document your daughter’s first birthday!Photographer: Naomi of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Baby BeachTime of Day: MorningCheck out our last Maui family beach portrait with the Buchanan Family!