Oahu Enchantment – Melissa & Blake’s Beach Wedding


From 9-5 to Forever More – Sarah & Alex’s Maui Beach Wedding

A couple for the last two years, Sarah and Alex’s love story actually began as co-workers turned friends. Next thing they knew they were madly in love and ready to spend the rest of their lives together. Wanting nothing to do with an elaborate, stressful wedding, they wanted to keep things simple and worry free. That brought them to our golden shores where a Maui Beach Wedding was just the right fit. Supported by a handful of the most important women in their lives, they joined hands and futures on Maluaka Beach as the sea danced in the background. Preferring a wide variety of scenery, this spot offered that, and so much more. They even got to cuddle up beside the historic church right up the road! We love this spot and we’re so glad these adorable Indiana residents got to experience it. Sarah and Alex, we are so happy for you both and we want to thank you for letting our team capture the joy. Best wishes on the journey ahead.

Beaming Beauties on the Beach – The Vergara Family’s Maui Portraits

On a bright, beautiful morning we had the pleasure of hanging out with the Vergara Family. As our newest talented team member, Megan, learns the Karma Hill Photography way under the guidance of Karma herself, we are so grateful to have awesome local families like this one to help us out. With their superb attitudes, and brilliant smiles, this fabulous foursome were a riot to watch and easy to work with. Of course, having a young lady with modeling experience doesn’t hurt, but this whole group really were naturals in front of the lens. We can’t thank you enough, Vergara Family, for letting us capture your Maui Family Portrait. Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Megan and Karma of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Southside BeachTime of Day: MorningCheck out the Agan Family’s Maui Portrait!

Better Together…Always – Beth & Jake’s Maui Beach Wedding Photography

As a Jack Johnson song rolled off the instrument of their live musician, Beth and her father made their way down the pristine shore to a waiting Jake. Having known each other since college, this day was years in the making. With a heartfelt ceremony, the Long Beach natives promised forever and found themselves newly proclaimed as husband and wife. After the tears of joy were dried, and smiles captured to cherish forever, they said goodbye to the gorgeous setting that Ironwoods Beach had provided. Heading in to Lahaina Town, they dined on phenomenal fare at Gerard’s and laughed the night away with their parents and siblings. Then, it was off to Kauai where a honeymoon awaited. Beth and Jake, we absolutely adored getting to know you both and we were honored to have been a part of your Maui Beach Wedding Photography. Thank you for letting our team capture this moment! We wish you all the best!!! Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coordinator: Simple Maui WeddingMaui We

Beaming Beauty at Baby Beach – Isabel’s Maui Senior Portrait

A beautiful morning was made all the more stunning with the addition of California senior Isabel. We had the pleasure of meeting her at Lahaina’s Baby Beach while she vacationed on island with her family. An amazing model for her Maui Senior Portrait, she is a natural in front of the lens. The confidence and inner beauty that shines from within only serves to enhance the brilliant surface. We had so much fun with Isabel, and have no doubt she has a bright future waiting ahead for her. Thank you, Isabel and family, for letting our team capture the magic of this time in a young person’s life. Isabel, we wish you all the best in your adventures ahead!!! Good Luck & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Senior Portrait Photographer: Karma of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Baby BeachTime of Day: MorningCheck out Isaiah & Travis’ Maui Senior Portraits!

Baldwin Beach Bliss – David & Bernard’s Maui Couples Portrait

As the sun greeted a new day, we greeted new friends. We love Baldwin Beach, especially first thing in the morning. As we began David and Bernard’s Maui Couples Portrait session, the palm trees had already commenced with their morning dance in the wind. It was no matter to these handsome Canadians though as they just wanted to enjoy the romantic setting and glorious day. After five years together, this Hawaiian adventure was the exact recipe for relaxation that they needed. The genuine warmth and love radiating from David and Bernard was absolutely compelling and we are so grateful we got to work with them. They were blessed with a beautiful North shore day and we couldn’t be happier for them about it. Thank you, gentlemen, for choosing the Karma Hill Photography team. It was a pleasure meeting you both and we hope to see you back again soon!!! Warm Aloha!!!Maui Couples Photographer: Karma of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Baldwin BeachTime of Day: MorningCheck out Allison & Joe’s Ma

Isabella & Justin’s Maui Beach Wedding by Karma Hill Photography

Isabella & Justin are such a lovely couple and we had a blast with them as their Maui Wedding Photographers! They were joined by close family and friends along with their sweet 2 year old daughter. Baldwin beach was a tad bit windy but that wasn’t going to ruin their big day! After their ceremony officiated by Reverend Kuya Robert they Cheynice stole them away from the group for a bit to capture portraits in front of the soft dreamy light! The stunning pastel sky offered a perfect backdrop for some family pictures with their sweet little girl. Mahalo Isabella & Justin for choosing Simple Maui Wedding for your special day!