Maui Family Portraits – The Avila Family at Baby Beach Lahaina

I love hearing how people heard about our company, the Avila family found me on Pinterest! I love Pinterest, it gets me into trouble sometimes tho, turning an otherwise simple, easy project into a much more complicated, yet spectacular project! Now I can tell my husband Steve that the extra money I have spent as a result of Pinterest was balanced out by this adorable family finding me there!! Their little guy was a bit shy at first, but we warmed him up and by the end he was splashing, smiling and running in the water! It was great to have Nana and Papi there too to interact with the kids, as well as get a few “honeymoon” photos as they called them 🙂 Mahalo Avila family for finding me and booking my for your Maui family portraits, it was such a pleasure spending time with you all!~Karma~Check out our last shoot with the Smith Family.