Better Together – Andrea & Sean’s Maui Wedding Photography

As the soothing lyrics of John Legend, Train, and Jack Johnson hung in the air, Andrea walked the down the beach to her waiting future. Sean stood along side Rev. Kimo and musician Oren, the picture of ecstatic composure.

Happy Hawaii Five-O – Andrea & Kevin’s Maui Couples Portraits

What better way to celebrate a milestone birthday than to cruise the island in a beautiful roadster. A cool car for a classy couple. Armed with accessories to match, Andrea and Kevin’s Maui Couples Portraits look reminiscent of a 1950’s classic film. Visiting the island from California, these two love birds danced along the coast, strummed an ukulele along the shore, and strolled along the beach. Not bad for one evening’s enjoyment. Andrea and Kevin, you look young and in love, and we couldn’t be happier for you. We can’t wait to see you two back! Happy Birthday, Kevin!!!