Blessed by Aloha – The Pyatt Family’s Maui Portraits

While the Pyatt Family are no strangers to the wonder of Maui, being that they visit a couple times a year, this trip was special. This was the first time they got to the introduce their gorgeous baby boy to the place they love so much. As many couples face, getting pregnant was a challenge but the Aloha Spirit worked it’s magic on this stunning California couple and their precious six month old became more than a twinkle in his parent’s eyes. Now he’s a happy, bouncing bundle of joy that has completed the Pyatt Family in ways they didn’t know was possible. Blessed with a fabulous morning for their Maui Family Portraits, the sea outside the Four Seasons was sparkling as bright as their smiles. What a sight to see. Thank you, Pyatt Family, for letting Karma Hill Photography capture the first of many trips as a family of three. Congratulations on your new addition, we wish you all the best. Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Chantelle of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Wailea BeachT

An Aloha Anniversary Celebration – The Heise’s Maui Family Portraits

As frequent visitors to the island, their love of Hawaii was reason enough to be thrilled for this trip. Yet, it wasn’t the only reason the Heise Family was having a blast. As this proud grandma and grandpa celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, the moment was made that much more special because their family was gathered to celebrate with them.

Active Aloha – The Krause Family’s Maui Portraits

We LOVE getting to hang out with cool local families! In this case, it was an awesome morning at Southside Beach that found our team capturing the coolest Krause Family around. Their dashing son, River, is an avid athlete and one of the sweetest young guys you’ll ever meet. Going to the same school as some of our team member’s kids, we loving running into this terrific trio. Of course, Karma also sees the confident Crossfit couple at class from time to time so we’re pretty sure that makes them part of our extended ohana. Dedicated to spending as much quality time together as possible, these three love rallying together to support River’s various sports teams…especially when dad is coaching! Thank you, Ryan, Willow, and River, for being such great models during your Maui Family Portrait. It was so wonderful spending the morning with you three and we look forward to seeing you around town!!! Happy Holidays and Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Tara of Karma Hill PhotographyLocati

Aloha Spirit Comfort – The Umezu Family’s Maui Portraits

There are some Maui Family Portraits that stand out for us…this is one of those times. The Umezu Family has a both heart breaking and inspiring story to tell. This stunning land holds a special place in their hearts as it was the location of their last trip as a family of four. After their beloved youngest, Charlotte, passed away a year ago, the incredibly strong Minnesota family returned here to gather on the stunning shore and pay tribute to a life taken too soon. Though young Charlotte had fought a tough battle since the day she was born, she is at peace now while her spirit lives on in those that love her. To honor the journey they have all been on, the Umezu Family founded the non-profit,, and is now helping others benefit from the lessons they’ve learned and, most importantly, spreading the joy for life to everyone they meet. That dedication to finding happiness and being there for those facing difficult times is what allows this tireless trio to carry on in t

The Aloha Anniversary – Nancy & David’s Maui Couples Portraits

There are some couples, some stories, that just touch your heart. Nancy and David are just such a pair. With a love so strong it’s the envy of anyone who has the pleasure of meeting them, they set the bar high for relationship goals. Having met, fallen in love, and married 45 years ago, it was truly a love at first sight turned forever kind of romance. Stationed with the Navy in Waikiki, David found Nancy on the shores of Oahu and they ended up spending many wonderful years living there together. As their story began in the Hawaiian islands, the Aloha Spirit has remained in their hearts ever since, renewed by regular trips back to visit. With a Hawaiian themed basement back home in Tennessee filled with memorabilia from their travels here, the best mementos are the incredible experiences they have shared and hold close in their hearts. We hope that renewing their vows and celebrating with a Maui Anniversary Portrait becomes one of those treasured memories. The love shining between thi

Aloha Spirit on Display – The Finlay’s Maui Family Portrait

Since not everyone in the Finlay Family crew has been to Hawaii before, they were channeling the Aloha spirit for their Maui Family Portrait by way of the Aloha print shirt. They were so cute! With no shortage of personality, there was laughter and delight shared up and down Baby Beach in their wake. In town to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary of Bob and Linda, aka Grandma and Grandpa, they had so much to be joyful about. As the family is growing, and a new generation joins the mix, it’s lovely to see the happiness and pleasure at loved ones spending time together. These will surely become treasures memories for the Ottawa family to relish later. Thank you, Finlay Family, for letting Karma Hill Photography capture this moment in time with you.

Aloha Neighbor…Island – Charlotte & Gino’s Oahu Elopement

After years of loving what we do here on Maui, we decided to take the show on the road. We are so thrilled about expanding to Oahu with our new sister company, Simple Oahu Wedding. Yay!!! Now the fabulous team of photographers from Karma Hill Photography are available to capture the best moment in people’s lives on our neighbor island to the West. That’s where Charlotte and Gino come in! We had the pleasure of capturing their big day on the fabulous windward shore of Oahu. In search of a simple ceremony with a stunning backdrop, they found exactly what they were looking for. With a dreamy morning setting the scene, they enjoyed a romantic and heartfelt ceremony by the gorgeous swaying sea. This fun and adventurous couple was a blast to work with. They had some great ideas for their photos and earned solid model status with their abilities in front of the camera!

The Aker Family In The Land Of Aloha – Maui Family Portraits

We were so happy to welcome back the adorable Aker Family. It’s been years but they are still just as sweet and fun as ever. Featuring a mom, her two daughters, and their families, their photos showcase a wonderful gathering of generations and loved ones. Any time you get siblings, cousins, and a really cool grandma together, there’s bound to be some funny antics happening. With DT Fleming providing a gorgeous stage, the Aker Family’s laughter and playfulness made the scene. It’s a beautiful thing watching this family interact with one another as it’s so obvious how much they love and enjoy each other’s company. We are so grateful they returned to the island and chose us again as their Maui Family Portrait Photographer. Thank you, Aker Family!!! We hope to see you again soon!

‘You Had Me At Aloha’ – The Daniels Family’s Maui Portraits

The Daniels Family has so much to be proud of, and thankful for. Not only have both mom and dad recently completed their Masters Degrees, but they are also celebrating their second wedding anniversary. Oh yeah, and they have this adorable little guy named Wesley turning six months old to make their lives that much brighter. When trying to decide where to go to celebrate these fabulous milestones, Kira had a serendipitous moment with a t-shirt that would launch a family vacation. The cool cucumber’s shirt that reads ‘You had me at Aloha’ was inspiration enough and brought them to this moment for their Maui Family Portrait. Baby Wesley was hysterical because no matter what we tried, he kept calm and carried on…without cracking a smile. Curious? Sure. Smiling? Not so much. That’s alright. We got some moments of semi-smiles that are pure gold and will be hilarious to show off later in his life. Smiling or not, he is beautiful beyond words and is no doubt just taking it all in. I wouldn’

Aloha Oleksa Family! – Maui Family Portraits for a Maui Family!

We have been lucky enough to call the Oleksa family “neighbors” for the past four years as they own Green Ti Boutique and Massage just across the street from out studio in Wailuku Town. We just moved our location and are sad we won’t be able to drop in for a chair massage when our shoulders are sore from hours of editing! Luckily, we got to spend some time with them at the beach near their home in Kihei and had a great time chasing their adorable daughter all over the place.