Worth The Trip – Caroline & Alex’s Maui Elopement

After a false start on the plane ride, and lost luggage, U.K. couple Caroline and Alex finally made it to Hawaii for the moment they had been waiting for. Meeting four years ago while working on their PhD’s, they wanted to enjoy an intimate and romantic Maui Elopement along the beautiful shore. Adorned with a necklace of remembrance for her beloved grandmother, our stunning bride joined her handsome groom next to the swaying the sea. With Rev. Kuya’s guidance, they were united as husband and wife as the sun climbed its way into the sky to start a new day. After having a blast with their fun couple’s photos, the newlywed pair set off for their exciting helicopter ride to celebrate their day. It was an incredible wedding day that we were so honored to share in. Thank you, Caroline and Alex, for letting our team capture the happiness and joy on display. We wish you all the best in the journey ahead. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coordination:


From 9-5 to Forever More – Sarah & Alex’s Maui Beach Wedding

A couple for the last two years, Sarah and Alex’s love story actually began as co-workers turned friends. Next thing they knew they were madly in love and ready to spend the rest of their lives together. Wanting nothing to do with an elaborate, stressful wedding, they wanted to keep things simple and worry free. That brought them to our golden shores where a Maui Beach Wedding was just the right fit. Supported by a handful of the most important women in their lives, they joined hands and futures on Maluaka Beach as the sea danced in the background. Preferring a wide variety of scenery, this spot offered that, and so much more. They even got to cuddle up beside the historic church right up the road! We love this spot and we’re so glad these adorable Indiana residents got to experience it. Sarah and Alex, we are so happy for you both and we want to thank you for letting our team capture the joy. Best wishes on the journey ahead.

Paradise & Perfect Chords – Richelle & Alex’s Maui Wedding

When Alex met Richelle, she was dressed as an old woman for a theme party. Little did they both know that a costume would grant them a peak in to their future as they each found the partner they truly would grow old with.

Heck Yes I Do!! – Yasmene and Alex’s Garden Wedding

I just loved getting to be a part of Yasmene and Alex’s Maui wedding! Not only did they feed me cake before I left, they were such a blast to spend time with! When asked if she took Alex to be her husband, Yasmene exclaimed “Heck Yes I Do!!” there was no doubt she was excited to be marrying the man of her dreams. The Oregon couple went to high school together but Alex didn’t know Yasmene or the fact that she had a freshman crush on him when he was a senior.