Love Found In L.A. – Kayla & Matthew’s Maui Wedding Photography

Though both hail from Ohio, Kayla and Matthew actually met while both volunteering in L.A.. He, having had six female roommates at the time, started hanging out with Kayla and spending more and more time with her as friends. Of course, once their friends got involved, their friendship took a different turn. With Kayla’s friend planting the seed that Matt was in love with her, and Matt’s friend planting the seed that she was in love with him, they finally went on an official date and the rest was history. Now residing in Washington, they decided upon a Maui wedding because it was the best way to get their families together, especially around the holidays. A stunning South Maui ceremony was an excellent excuse for everyone to make the trip, but the love and happiness on display was the real reason they gathered at the Kukahiko Estate. With a Gannons reception to finish out the evening, it was an amazing celebration from start to finish. We were so honored to be chosen as the Maui Weddin

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