Danielle & Nathan’s Romantic Oahu Wedding

Soft morning light cascaded upon the shore as Danielle and Nathan prepared for their Oahu Beach Wedding. With loved ones keeping them calm, they readied themselves for the moment they had been waiting for. Once fully adorned, they met in the back yard of the rented beach home to enjoy a private first look, a chance to connect with one another before the ceremony. It was an incredible moment that set the stage for the romance that would follow. While the sun slowly rose in the sky, the fabulous Georgia residents gathered on the sandy shore outside their beach house to take the next step. With pastel colors on display around them, the love and joy so clearly present danced in the wind with the chords from the ukulele. What a beautiful sight it was to behold, on not just because the bride and groom are stunning themselves. It was the obvious affection an adoration on their faces as they became husband and wife that we loved and connected with. Thank you, Danielle and Nathan, for allowing

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