Like a Dream – Laura & William’s Maui Destination Wedding

With Alaska in the rearview mirror, Laura and William set out for the intrigues of Maui to celebrate their love. After a vacation engagement in a warm locale, it only made sense that they should venture out for more moderate climates for their Maui Destination Wedding. Seeking romance, the gorgeous pair were the picture of excitement as they grew closer on that Southern shore where they would become partners for life. What made it extra cute is that they are so ecstatic to have a good excuse to come visit the island regularly now, as they will want to share their anniversary in the place where their new journey began. They were so sweet to watch, and couldn’t have been any nicer to work with. We loved the rich colors of the floral and suit in contrast to the feminine lace featured in the dress. What a stunning duo. Thank you, Laura and William, for allowing us in to your lives to share in this moment. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Coordinator & Package:


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