Umbrellas & Unabashed Joy – Ashly & Jon’s Maui Venue Wedding

There’s that old saying about life handing you lemons, right? Well, in this case, when Mother Natures hands you rain drops, it’s a fabulous excuse to get super cute umbrella photos. We absolutely adored Ashly and Jon as they had the best attitudes on their big day. It was an absolute treat getting to be the Maui Wedding Photographer for them. Even with the sky being a little temperamental, nothing phased these two lovebirds as they only had eyes for one another. Beneath the swaying palms of the White Orchid Beach House, they declared their love under the sweet guidance of Rev. Tino. While they loved their first trip to Maui for their special moment, they were equally looking forward to the adventures that await on Kauai for their honeymoon. There’s a helicopter ride with their name on it! Even though everyone had told them it never rains on Maui, the fates had other plans, but it all worked out in the end. With images filled with character and warmth, they will be photos to cherish an

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