Message In A Bottle – Julia & Brian’s Maui Wedding Photography

Despite the occasional sprinkling of blessings from above, Julia and Brian kept their heads held high and smiles in place as they focused on the thing that mattered most. They were getting married! As their Maui Wedding Photographer, we had the absolute honor of capturing the happiness and delight on this most incredible day, with this amazing couple. One of the coolest elements, beyond the stunning bride and groom, of course, was their interesting idea to celebrate the union. Having read of a man that has found messages in a bottle, they decided to send a love note of their own out into the great blue yonder. Declaring their wedding date on Maui, and their contact info, they hope to one day connect with whomever finds the bottle filled with love. What a fabulous memento that will turn out to be!!! We had so much fun with these two, and can’t thank them enough for letting the Karma Hill Photography team be a part of this moment in time with them. Thank you, Julia and Brian! We wish yo


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