Seaside Dreams – Eryn & Joel’s Maui Beach Wedding

On the arm of her father, Eryn made her way down the golden sands of Ironwoods Beach to join her future. Waiting at the end of the gorgeous floral aisle was Joel, the love of her life. As the soft sounds of the ukulele drifted on the breeze, this adorable Kansas couple came together before a gathering of loved ones to declare that they choose one another over all else. As it was the first time on Maui for every one there, they were extra excited about the amazing night they were blessed with. The ocean was picture perfect, the sky breathtaking. After bidding a temporary adieu to their guests, the newlyweds enjoyed a stroll down to the boardwalk where they then braved the sea side cliffs for their incredible romantic couples shots. It was a phenomenal night for a couple that deserves it. Thank you, Eryn and Joel, for letting our team capture your Maui Beach Wedding. What an honor.

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