Whispering Wind & Smiling Newlyweds – Buffy & Kelly’s Maui Elopement

With laughter and love dancing on the breeze, Buffy and Kelly came together beside the swaying sea for the best reason possible. They are madly in love and want to get married. Oh sure, the airline may have lost their luggage, and they may have had none of their stuff all week, but it didn’t matter. They had each other. The night was perfect. A Maui Elopement beyond their wildest dreams. With live music wrapping them in warmth, and a breathtaking sunset, it was the moment they had been waiting for, and one they’ll never forget. We absolutely adored working with these two. Thank you, Buffy and Kelly, for letting our team share in your joy. We have no doubt that amazing things lie ahead in the adventure of your love story. Best Wishes & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coordination:

Meant To Be – Robin & Mason’s Maui Destination Wedding

Though they knew each other in high school, it wasn’t until after graduation that Robin and Mason found their way into one another’s hearts. Together ever since, they’ve spent the last eight years building a life together that brought them here, to their Maui Destination Wedding. With neither one of them liking the spotlight, an intimate celebration along the shore was just the ticket. Simple, romantic, and easy. It doesn’t get much better. The stunning setting sun doesn’t hurt either. We are so happy that we got to meet these two, and that they got the stress free night they were after. Thank you, Robin and Mason, for letting our team capture the magic of the moment and the love in the air. We wish you both all the best and can’t wait to see you back again one day.

Dreams Come True – Vanessa & Kevin’s Maui Beach Wedding

With their adorable children on hand, Vanessa and Kevin enjoyed a romantic Maui Beach Wedding to celebrate their love. Together for four years, almost to the day, they wanted to take their moment to say ‘I Do’ and make official what they already knew in their hearts. Adding to the joy of the day is their love for the island. Having visited multiple times, they actually built an amazing friendship with a local couple on a previous trip. Those friends ended up making the day of our newlyweds when they agreed to a house swap! So, while Vanessa and Kevin’s friends from the island have a vacation in Oregon, the beaming couple get to use their friends’ house on island. It’s win-win! It was the icing on the cake of an already perfect day. This gorgeous family deserves all the love in the world and we were so honored to be included in the special moment. Thank you, you two!Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Photographer: Cheynice of Karma Hill PhotographyMaui Wedding Planner: Paradis

A Moment To Remember – Ashleigh & Jordan’s Maui Surprise Proposal

On a windswept evening, with the sun light fading in the distance, Ashleigh embarked upon a stroll down the beach with Jordan not knowing what awaited. The moment unfolded just as Jordan had planned, and the Maui Surprise Proposal was met with cheers of joy. Hiding in the wings, capturing from afar, our very own staff photographer Jenny was playing along. After the reveal was made, and proposal accepted, it was time for some romantic portraits to help celebrate this terrific night. This gorgeous couple so much fun, and so obviously in love, that the excitement and romance in the air was practically tangible. With an intimate dinner at Merriman’s to top off the evening, it will surely be one that neither of them forgets. Thank you, Ashleigh and Jordan, for letting our team capture this magical moment in your lives. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Engagement Photographer: Jenny of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: DT Fleming BeachTime of Day: SunsetCheck out Sharayah & Maxwell’s Maui

Wedded Bliss & Birthday Cheer – Caroline & Richard’s Maui Wedding Portrait

What was initially meant to be a birthday celebration for Caroline and Richard turned in to so much more. As they knew they were going to be in paradise anyways, and with the support of their families, they decided to make it an elopement! After an intimate ceremony at the courthouse, we had the pleasure of meeting up with this adorable duo on the golden shores of Ironwoods Beach to capture their Maui Wedding Portrait. With stunning pastel light, and the dramatic coastline, they were treated to an amazing setting for their special photos. This was their first time on island and they now get to take away fabulous memories, and the portraits to help them remind them. Thank you, Caroline and Richard, it was an honor to capture this special time in your life. We had so much fun with you two and we can’t wait an anniversary/birthday trip in the future!!!

Smiles & Swaying Palms – The Landers Family’s Maui Portrait

We had so much fun with the Landers Family!!! Their beaming smiles and obvious love for one another was something to behold. Hailing from California, they visit the islands often, with Kauai having been the previous trip. This time, for their 20th wedding anniversary, it was all about Maui. The snorkeling was outstanding and the kids couldn’t have been happier about the giant green sea turtle they encountered. They love being on island, but it’s safe to say they love just being together even more. As this was the grand finale of this year’s trip before they left the next day, they were truly blessed with a phenomenal setting. The soft light, the calm cove, the swaying palms. Mama’s Fish House is an amazing place with an endless supply of beauty. We are so happy the Landers Family got to experience it, and we were grateful to have been on hand to capture it. Thank you, Landers, for choosing our team for your Maui Family Portrait. We look forward to next time!

Dreamy Scene – Vanessa & Dominic’s Maui Beach Wedding

As day turned to dusk, Vanessa and Dominic gathered on the cool sands of Polo Beach for their dreamy Maui Beach Wedding. The ceremony filled with genuine emotion and words from the heart, this perfect pair from the West Coast enjoyed the romance dancing in the air. After the moment that declared them husband and wife, these two couldn’t wait to go join their guests for dinner, drinks, and laughter galore. They were treated to an amazing night along the golden shore, the cherry on top for their incredible first visit to Maui. We absolutely enjoyed getting to know these two, and were honored to have been invited into their lives to share in their joy. Thank you, Vanessa and Dominic, for letting our team capture the delight. Best Wishes & Warm Aloha!!!Maui Wedding Package & Coordination: