A Dream Of Their Own – Suna & Robert’s Maui Wedding

It was like a beautiful dream. The colors were soft, the setting pristine, the atmosphere perfection. Most importantly though, the bride and groom were bursting with joy as they prepared to marry the love of their life. New Yorkers Suna and Robert wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for a moment of peace, and a little romance, under the Hawaiian sun. They got their wish. With an intimate gathering of loved ones on hand to witness, Suna met Robert under the bamboo arch to begin the ceremony that would start their new life together. There wasn’t a dry eye on the grassy knoll as the beautiful ceremony concluded, leaving a newly happily married couple in its wake. We had so much with these two goofballs for their Maui Wedding Photography because they had the best attitude. With a fun spirit, and funny shots in mind, Suna and Robert were a riot on the beach during their couple’s portraits. Thank you both! What a pleasure meeting you and getting to be a part of your magical


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