First of Many…We Hope! – The Krause Family’s Maui Portraits

Coming to Maui every year, the Krause Family love the island like it was a second home. With favorite spots like Big Beach and Makena Cove, the Aloha Spirit has embraced them, bringing a plethora of fun and amazing memories they share as a family. One thing they haven’t done yet though, ever, is have professional photos taken of their family. That’s where we come in. We had the pleasure of being their photographer and capturing their Maui Beach Family Portrait. South Maui’s Maluaka Beach provided a pristine paradise complete with lush greenery and stunning ocean views. Our new friends from Texas got to tease their senses with the tantalizing waves nipping at their toes and the fragrant smells emanating from the nearby gardens. It was a gorgeous evening with a fabulous group. Given how cute they are in front of the camera, we vote that the Krause Family gets portraits taken every year! ;o)Thank you for letting the Karma Hill Photography team be the first to capture the magic of your fa


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