Soft Light, Bright Love – Joanna & Sebastian’s Maui Wedding Photography

With the rain coming down at their original location, Joanna and Sebastian were more than fine with changing things up to stay dry for their Maui Wedding Photography. As long as they were together, it didn’t matter where they were. Of course, being somewhere beautiful never hurts. That’s why, for their first trip to Maui, they thought it would be the perfect wedding spot. They were right. The clouds created a soft light that was stunning as they laughed and cried through their ceremony. Though we couldn’t understand the vows recited in their native Austrian language, it was undoubtedly a proclamation of love. The sincerity and love emanating from their voices was universal, no translation necessary. This adorable duo was even treated to a “friend” lounging on the beach during their photos. What a fun surprise! This turned out to be such a wonderful morning for Joanna and Sebastian and we are so glad we were a part of it. Thank you, you two!


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