Prelude In Paradise – Katie & Joe’s Pre-Wedding Day Couples Portrait

Before their special day, Katie and Joe wanted to get their shining smiles warmed up a bit. In a brilliant plan to round out their wedding collection, they enjoyed Couples Portraits along Maui’s North shore. We LOVE that we got to capture these moments the day before the big day. This Texas two-some was so excited and sweet as they took some time to themselves to focus on the new chapter that was about to begin. Baldwin Beach was as lovely as a dream for the betrothed. With the clear sky, swaying palm trees, and bright blue waters, these images will surely add a little something extra to the album they have in mind. We are so grateful we’ve gotten to know these two, and that we got to spend extra time with them. Stay tuned…their wedding photos are on their way!!!Maui Couples Photographer: Ajja of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Baldwin BeachTime of Day: Morning


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