Surprise of a Lifetime – Grant & Mollie’s Maui Proposal

When Mollie got ready for dinner one night while on vacation, little did she know that it would be the night to change her life forever. Grant had a surprise up his sleeve. With the help of the staff at the Four Seasons Wailea, a magical evening had been planned and we had been invited to capture the precious moment. After a knock came at the door, a server escorted the gorgeous couple down to the terrace where they were shown to a private dining table reserved specially for them. They were encouraged to relax on the beach with a glass of champagne while final preparations were made on the meal. With the sun sinking towards the sea, Grant sank to one knee and forever changed the course of Mollie’s life. In case you’re wondering, she said ‘Yes!’ :o)The rest of the evening was a bevy of romance and excitement as our newly engaged love birds celebrated with a private meal to knock your socks off. We can’t thank the Four Seasons, or Grant and Mollie, enough for allowing us the honor of ca


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