Shimmering Lights & Shining Moments – Twinkle & Travis’ Maui Wedding

When Twinkle and Travis said ‘I Do’, it was not only themselves they were thinking of. As the stunning California couple blend their families together, they combine hearts and futures in to one strong family unit. Twinkle noted that Travis’ care and devotion towards his children were one of the things that made her fall in love with him. Celebrating with a gorgeous Maui Destination Wedding, they were surrounded by loved ones as the sun worked its way towards the horizon. With attention paid to every detail, the whole evening was perfection from start to finish. After a heart melting ceremony, guests were treated to dinner by the sea. As the newlyweds danced beneath the stars and sparkling lights, their smiles grew brighter and brighter. Despite not usually caring for photos, Travis was a great sport about romantic couple’s shots as the sun slipped in to the sea, much to the delight of his beautiful bride. This truly was a spectacular day and we are so grateful to have been chosen to c


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