Magic Isle Memories – Ivy & Taylor’s Maui Honeymoon Portrait

A week after their wedded bliss began, we had the distinct pleasure of capturing a Maui Honeymoon Portrait for Ivy and Taylor. Having been married in a sweet ceremony at the courthouse back home in Washington State, this adorable pair was so excited to get the collection of photos their hearts desired. There’s nothing like the romance and passion exuded during this time in a couple’s lives and Ivy and Taylor were no exception. With awe inspiring looks of love casting between them, they made my day when they let me take the reins and guide the session how I saw fit. As artists, we love when we get to be creative and truly capture the essence of the moment, as opposed to what someone else has in their head. Ivy and Taylor let me lead, and as such, allowed some really epic shots to find life. Thank you, you two, for letting me be a part of this momentous time in your life together. We wish you nothing but the best on this journey you’re beginning together. We also want to thank Grandma J

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