Birthday Songs and Big Laughs – The Sicat’s Maui Family Portrait

What better way to ring a birthday than with a beautiful beach vacation. We were so happy to meet up with the Sicat family while they were celebrating love, life, family togetherness, and Cheryl’s birthday. The good news is that we had a young man on hand that LOVES the birthday song so it is always a welcome serenade around Max. The only thing he loves more, I think, is when his dad is tossing him in the air. We had so much fun with this California crew and couldn’t be happier they chose us for their Maui Family Portrait. Not only are they the nicest people, but they were naturals at being natural! Ha! It’s so easy to get nervous and awkward when being photographed but the Sicat family were pros at just being themselves and ignoring the camera (when appropriate, of course). What a blast. A gorgeous spot like Baldwin Beach is always helpful too, as it reminds those in its presence that there’s a reason it has been named one of the top ten most beautiful beaches on more than one occasi


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