Happily Ever After, Jodi & Peter’s Maui Wedding Photography

Jodi & Peter have spent the last 16 years together and it was time to take things to the next stage! Peter pursued Jodi for a whole year before she finally gave in to a date with him. His persistence really paid off because they were truly meant to be together! They dated for eight years before he proposed and then spent another eight years engaged. Their friends and family back home never would have dreamed that after 16 years they would escape to Maui and tie the knot… so that’s exactly what they did! They were married on the shores of Southside beach one spectacular evening last week. Reverend Joe Miles married them as staff photographer Ajja captured all the love and beauty painted across the sky. Mahalo Jodi & Peter for choosing us as your Maui wedding photographer! We hope you enjoyed your Maui wedding day and that you love the pictures to remember it by!Maui Wedding Coordination & Package: Simple Maui WeddingMaui Wedding Photographer: Ajja of


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