A Gathering of Generations – The Mullin Family’s Maui Portraits

Life has a way of getting hectic, we don’t always get the time with our loved ones that we want. Grocery shopping, occupations, homework, school projects, paying bills, deadlines. The list goes on, there’s always something that needs doing. In spite of the realities of life, the Mullin Family took advantage of an island escape to reconnect with each other. A gathering on the Magic Isle brought together parents, siblings, and cousins. These precious moments that allow grandparents to play with their grand kids and adult siblings to laugh like years haven’t passed are well worth capturing. We are so grateful to have been on hand for the Mullin Family’s Maui Vacation Portrait. Relaxing days of fun can be few and far between as the generations grow up so we love that this vivacious group didn’t hesitate to let loose together. Thank you to all of you for inviting our team in to share in this good time. We hope to see you all back again one day!!! Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Chey


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