Tiny Toes, Beautiful Beach – The Wosar Family’s Maui Portraits

For the Wosar’s beautiful Maui Morning Family Portrait, we wanted to show case their shining star. Ten month old Merrick is the light of his parent’s and grandparent’s lives. The adorable little darling was mesmerized by the beach during his first trip to our stunning island. His favorite part? Munching on the sand! You’ve got to love little ones!!! If it’s not nailed down, they’ll put it in their mouth…and even when it is nailed down, come to think of it… Anyways, in true ten month old fashion, Merrick enjoyed taste testing the gorgeous granules that make up Southside Beach. Luckily there was still enough for this fun family from Alberta to stroll and play along the shore. It was a glorious day along the coast that granted our new friends the chance to enjoy Maui’s majestic displays. We are so glad they got to see nature’s show and even more glad that we got to capture this special trip for them. Thank you, Wosar Family, for choosing Karma Hill Photography. It was our absolute pl


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