Chicken Nuggets & Captured Magic – The Akao’s Maui Family Photos

As every parent knows, our kids don’t usually concern themselves with our best laid plans. It’s like Murphy’s Law of parenting. Just as your child will inevitably need an “emergency” potty break five minutes after you leave the house, there’s a good chance they will have no interest in cooperating on the day of your professional portraits. As photographers who have had the pleasure of photographing many families over the years, we get it, we plan for it. Kids are often best captured when they’re allowed to be themselves. Thankfully, the adorable Akao Family absolutely embraces that approach. Rather than focusing on forced smiles with youngsters that may not be in the mood, we work with kids to find out what they like to spark their interest. For Ryder and Sierra, that meant shouting things like ‘pizza,’ ‘ice cream,’ and ‘chicken nuggets.’ By having fun and being silly with them, the kids are relaxed and enjoy the time so much more during their Maui Family Photos. Thank you, Akao Famil


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