Magic at Heart – The DeMuth’s Maui Family Portrait

There’s a reason Maui is called the Magic Isle. She has a way of grabbing a hold of your heart and bewitching you with the wonders of the land. For the DeMuth family, our fair island will forever be a place of significance. Having first gotten engaged here, their love story took a big step along these golden shores. Then, two years ago, the next stage in their journey occurred as they married before a sparkling sea. After these tremendous milestones, it seems only fitting that their newest adventure, parenthood, should be captured in front of the crystal clear coast. With this being Baby Ryker’s first vacation, exactly on his six month celebration, it was the perfect time for their Maui Family Portrait. Our little ones grow up in the blink of an eye which makes it so much smart to slow down, take a moment, and capture the here and now. The Lego landmines and endless un-answerable questions happen before you know it but first, take a moment to enjoy that sweet smile and those soulful b


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