Life’s Magical Moments – The Morrison’s Maui Family Portrait

We had such a blast with the Morrison Family. As fellow parents of kids at the same pre-school, we can certainly relate to the adventure of raising two growing boys on this gorgeous island. Even so, I was still so honored when this amazing quartet chose Karma Hill Photography for their Maui Family Portrait. As any parent with multiple kids knows, when your first one is born, there is no shortage of photos documenting their every waking, and sometimes not-waking, movement. Once the second one comes along, you’re so busy trying to figure out dinner, and diaper runs, and work, and how so much laundry can amass, and what that unidentified object stuck in your hair is that capturing your new precious angel’s moments becomes a little harder. With that in mind, the Morrison Family wanted to take the opportunity to not only capture the family as a whole, but also get lots of shots of Baby Leo. That way, one day he won’t be wondering why brother Miles has a plethora of photos in comparison to


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