Promises Before A Pink Horizon – Abriana & Nathan’s Maui Wedding

Abriana & Nathan joined together as husband and wife as their beloved guests watched along. Their beautiful 2 year old daughter was the sweetest little guest. She had a mind of her own, as most toddlers do, she will surely love looking back at these photos in the years to come. The sunset was breathtaking and painted a gorgeous backdrop for Abriana & Nathan! As an adventurous and fun loving couple, we were so ecstatic that they wanted to take their Maui wedding photography

Gloria & Eric’s Beautiful Maui Wedding by Karma Hill Photography

Gloria & Eric began their Maui destination wedding planning with the thought to be married with their toes in the sand! As their guest list grew they soon realized they needed a venue to accommodate their sweet family and friends. They chose Paradise Landing because it offers a beautiful backdrop of the Hawaiian waters. It sits just up the hill from Launiopoko Beach! After their Maui Wedding Photography at Paradise Landing, the Karma Hill Photography team took this lovely couple down to the beach for some gorgeous couples portraits! It was a pleasure meeting you Gloria & Eric! Mahalo for choosing us to be a part of your day!

Say Goodnight, Stay Together – Alicia & Mark’s Maui Wedding

Mark looked quite dapper as he waited for his beautiful bride. Alicia walked down the with her father to the beautiful spot on Southside beach. This laid back couple was all smiles as they began a ceremony. With family and friends looking on, they sealed their vows with a kiss and promised each other a lifetime together. ‘…I wish that every kiss was never ending…’ said the Beach Boys. I imagine Alicia and Mark felt something along those lines as “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” announced the end of their nuptials. We are so happy for these two and know they have a happy life ahead. Thank you, Alicia and Mark, for letting the Karma Hill Photography team be a part of your

Isabella & Justin’s Maui Beach Wedding by Karma Hill Photography

Isabella & Justin are such a lovely couple and we had a blast with them as their Maui Wedding Photographers! They were joined by close family and friends along with their sweet 2 year old daughter. Baldwin beach was a tad bit windy but that wasn’t going to ruin their big day! After their ceremony officiated by Reverend Kuya Robert they Cheynice stole them away from the group for a bit to capture portraits in front of the soft dreamy light! The stunning pastel sky offered a perfect backdrop for some family pictures with their sweet little girl. Mahalo Isabella & Justin for choosing Simple Maui Wedding for your special day!

Timeless Tale of Love – Rachael & Orus’ Maui Wedding Photography

Rachael & Orus joined our team on the gorgeous Baldwin beach for the moment of a lifetime. This North Carolina couple who met in middle school was all smiles and excitement as they took the next step in their journey together. They were staying on the Big Island but made the quick hop over to the Garden Isle just for their wedding ceremony…and of course their

A Gathering of Generations – The Mullin Family’s Maui Portraits

Life has a way of getting hectic, we don’t always get the time with our loved ones that we want. Grocery shopping, occupations, homework, school projects, paying bills, deadlines. The list goes on, there’s always something that needs doing. In spite of the realities of life, the Mullin Family took advantage of an island escape to reconnect with each other. A gathering on the Magic Isle brought together parents, siblings, and cousins. These precious moments that allow grandparents to play with their grand kids and adult siblings to laugh like years haven’t passed are well worth capturing. We are so grateful to have been on hand for the Mullin Family’s Maui Vacation Portrait. Relaxing days of fun can be few and far between as the generations grow up so we love that this vivacious group didn’t hesitate to let loose together. Thank you to all of you for inviting our team in to share in this good time. We hope to see you all back again one day!!! Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Chey

Tiny Toes, Beautiful Beach – The Wosar Family’s Maui Portraits

For the Wosar’s beautiful Maui Morning Family Portrait, we wanted to show case their shining star. Ten month old Merrick is the light of his parent’s and grandparent’s lives. The adorable little darling was mesmerized by the beach during his first trip to our stunning island. His favorite part? Munching on the sand! You’ve got to love little ones!!! If it’s not nailed down, they’ll put it in their mouth…and even when it is nailed down, come to think of it… Anyways, in true ten month old fashion, Merrick enjoyed taste testing the gorgeous granules that make up Southside Beach. Luckily there was still enough for this fun family from Alberta to stroll and play along the shore. It was a glorious day along the coast that granted our new friends the chance to enjoy Maui’s majestic displays. We are so glad they got to see nature’s show and even more glad that we got to capture this special trip for them. Thank you, Wosar Family, for choosing Karma Hill Photography. It was our absolute pl

Sixteen & Sweeter Than Ever – The Fernandez Family’s Maui Portraits

As other Virginians wait for the spring thaw that chases away winter, the Fernandez Family enjoys their annual escape in search of warm weather. Exploring different tropical locations each year, we were thrilled to have them choose Hawaii for 2017. We were even more thrilled to have them choose our team for their Maui Family Portrait. What a spectacular time to capture as the stunning Stephanie turns sweet sixteen. Mom, Martha, also celebrates a birthday in the coming weeks (we’re pretty sure its her 25th) so we had a double dose of birthday fun to capture. This darling trio could not have been any sweeter and we are so grateful to have met them. Our idea for the Fernandez Family? Come back for Stephanie’s senior portraits when it’s time!!! We would love to work with her beaming smile again!!! Thank you, you three, for choosing Karma Hill Photography. We had so much fun and hope to see you back again!!! Happy Birthday and Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Cheynice of Karma Hill P