Hippie Town Hang Time – Cecilia & Angelo’s Maui Couples Portrait

We could not be happier to have met Cecilia and Angelo, they are so much fun!!! We had the pleasure of joining them in Paia Town for their Maui Couples Portrait before heading to Paia Bay. This spirited California couple have come to Maui on multiple occasions, always hanging tight poolside at their resort. What more do you need than frosty drinks beneath a warm sun? This year, looking for a new adventure, they decided to stay at a friend’s condo and experience a different side of our beautiful island, the local’s side. Breaking out of their norm, they set out to see and do things they hadn’t before. Kudos to them!!! For their effort, they were treated to a stunning morning in one of the island’s coolest and most beautiful places. Paia, often referred to as ‘Hippie Town,’ has changed over the years but it’s still one of the most laid back and unique towns to visit. You never know what you’re going to see there, which makes it all the better. We are so glad Cecilia and Angelo got to pl


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