Magical Moments to Remember – Michelle & Run’s Maui Wedding

As the sun slid across the sky, Michele and Run’s family and friends gathered on a Western facing shore for a special occasion. This gorgeous California duo came together before their loved ones to promise their love to each other. After the special moments were captured in preparation of the nuptials, our amazing staff photographer Sasha was able to forever freeze the romantic moments of their ceremony in time. As Rev. Fred Torres led them through this right of passage that would change their lives forever, there were nothing but smiles and love in sight. After saying ‘I do,’ in order to not miss a moment of their reception, they met up with Sasha the following day to enjoy some alone time photos. There’s nothing better than the relaxed photos a couple can enjoy once they’ve stepped away from their guests, after the dust has settled, so to speak. It has a different vibe that we love capturing for our newlyweds. Michele and Run, thank you so much for choosing Karma Hill Photography to


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