Beaming Big Sister at Baby Beach – The Vevoda’s Maui Family Portraits

Baby Beach is truly perfect for babies. I don’t know if that’s where the name came from, but it works. While two years old is no longer a baby, as Livia can attest, the calm waters are still ideal for little ones of all ages. We had the pleasure of meeting up with the Vevoda Family here on a vivid blue morning as they played along the crystal clear shore. With a baby boy due down the road, these precious moments with their daughter are that much sweeter. They even got grandma and grandpa to jump in on the fun! The Vevoda family was a blast to work with and as nice as can be. We had so much fun and appreciate them thinking of us for their Maui Family Portraits on this special trip. Thank you, Vevodas! Congratulations on the new addition and we hope to see the whole group back again next year with a big sister and baby brother in tow!!! Best Wishes and Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Kyra of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Baby BeachTime of Day: MorningCheck out our last Maui fam


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