Overcast Eyes & Joy to Come – The Jones’ Maui Family Portrait

With stunning eyes the color of the dramatic sky, soon-to-be big brother Ben keeps watchful attention on his beloved parents. He has to make sure his baby sister is okay since she’ll be making her debut in a few months. Until then, this adorable family took time out of their vacation to hang out with us and have a Maui Family Portrait taken. What a magical time for this family, and what an amazing memory it’s sure to become. There may come a day when his baby sister is bugging him so now, mom and dad have photographic proof of how much Ben loves her. The tummy kisses and cuddles are a regular occurrence for this protective sibling. He’s going to make a terrific brother and we are so happy for the Jones Family. Thank you for letting us capture these precious moments and we look forward to seeing a family of four next time! Warm Aloha!!!Maui Family Photographer: Cheynice of Karma Hill PhotographyLocation: Baby BeachTime of Day: MorningCheck out our last Maui family portrait with the Str


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