Family Fun Time – The Laskis’ Maui Family Portrait

On a perfect Hawaiian day, with the breeze kissing their cheeks, the Laskis family enjoyed their Maui Family Portrait. What a pleasure to have these various family groups come together for one big gathering. With four little kids the same age growing up right by one another, they are more like siblings than cousins. How wonderful! One would wonder if the dynamics will change as an additional baby boy will soon be joining the crew, shifting the 50/50 balance that exists now. Those are some tough girls though, they’ll stand their ground again the boys! Proud grandparents, Lou & Cindy, were ecstatic to have a big fun filled family vacation with all their kids, their spouses, and grand kids. Even though they get to see one another all the time back home in Arizona, there’s something special about relaxation and bonding time in paradise together. Thank you to the whole family for inviting Karma Hill Photography to be a part of your amazing vacation. You have such a sweet and beautiful fami


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